Erfurt Women Masters tournament

The 2012 edition of the Women Grandmaster tournament in Erfurt is taking place 25-30 December. Ten players participate in the round robin event in Germany. Top seeded are IM Iweta Rajlich and IM Ina Gaponnenko. The other competitors are WGM Marta Michna, WGM Cemre Yildiz Betul, IM Ketino Kachiani-Gersinska, WGM Melanie Ohme, WIM Kristyna Havlikova, WGM Elena Levushkina, Hanna-Marie Klek, and WFM Filiz Osmanodja.

After round 2 of the Erfurt Women Masters only three players are with perfect score – tournament favorite IM Inna Gaponenko, the local star WGM Melanie Ohme, and the young talent Hanna-Marie Klek. They are a full point ahead of the 4th and 5th IM Kachiani-Gersinska and IM Iweta Rajlich.

Results Erfurt Women Chess Masters


IM Gaponenko Inna  1 – 0 WIM Havlikova Kristyna 
WGM Michna Marta  ½ – ½ WGM Levushkina Elena 
IM Kachiani-Gersinska Ketino  0 – 1 WGM Ohme Melanie 
WGM Yildiz Betul Cemre  ½ – ½ IM Rajlich Iweta 
WFM Osmanodja Filiz  0 – 1 Klek Hanna Marie 


WIM Havlikova Kristyna  0 – 1 Klek Hanna Marie 
IM Rajlich Iweta  ½ – ½ WFM Osmanodja Filiz 
WGM Ohme Melanie  1 – 0 WGM Yildiz Betul Cemre 
WGM Levushkina Elena  0 – 1 IM Kachiani-Gersinska Ketino 
IM Gaponenko Inna  1 – 0 WGM Michna Marta 



1 WGM Ohme Melanie GER 2 pts.
2 IM Gaponenko Inna UKR 2 pts.
3 Klek Hanna Marie GER 2 pts.
4 IM Kachiani-Gersinska Ketino GER 1 pts.
5 IM Rajlich Iweta POL 1 pts.
6 WGM Yildiz Betul Cemre TUR 0.5 pts.
7 WFM Osmanodja Filiz GER 0.5 pts.
8 WGM Michna Marta GER 0.5 pts.
9 WGM Levushkina Elena GER 0.5 pts.
10 WIM Havlikova Kristyna CZE 0 pts.

Today at 10:00 CET is the third round of the competition. The pairing of the round are WIM Havlikova – IM Rajlich, IM Kachiani-Gersinska – IM Gaponenko, WGM Yildiz – WGM Levushkina, WFM Filiz Osmanodja – WGM Melanie Ohme, Hanna-Marie Klek – IM Rajlich. Games be followed at the official website.

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