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European Senior Chess Champions 2022 crowned in Lublin, Poland

European Senior Chess Championship 2022 concluded yesterday in Lublin, Poland. The event took place from 4th-14th July, 2022, being played in two age categories 50+ and 65+, with separate prizes for female players.

The Closing Ceremony of the event took place yesterday evening, with Chief Arbiter Tomasz Delega announcing the Winners. Paweł Zaskalski – Vice President of the Polish Chess Federation joined the awarding ceremony.

After 9 played rounds, GM Martin Mrva (SVK, 2385) clinched the title of European Senior Chess Champion 50+. He scored 7 points to be the sole winner of the event, while two players tied for silver with 6.5 points each: CM Dariusz Klimaszewski (POL, 2096) and FM Povilas Lasinskas (LTU, 2096). Klimaszewski Dariusz had better tiebreaks and claimed silver medal and Lasinskas Povilas came third.

The best ranked female player of 50+ section WIM Sopiko Teraladze (GEO, 2141) scored 5.5 points and became European Women Senior 50+ Champion. WIM Liliana Leszner (POL, 1872) was second with 5 points and Margarita Baliuniene (LTU, 1935) won bronze with 4.5 points.

IM Nils-Gustaf Renman (SWE, 2311) triumphed in the 65+ category with a convincing score of 7.5 points. FM Terry Chapman P D (ENG, 2207) won silver with 6.5 points, while four players tied for the third place with 6 points each. FM Anthony Stebbings J (ENG, 2283) had best tiebreak criteria to win bronze medal.

WIM Annett Wagner-Michel (GER, 2056) became European Women Senior 65+ Champion as she scored 4.5 points to be the best female player in the 65+ category. WFM Irena Kasprzyk (POL, 2017) was second with 4 points, and WFM Elzbieta Sosnowska (POL, 1726) clinched bronze with 3.5 points.

Final rankings European Senior Chess Championship 50+:

Rk. NameFEDRtgPts. TB1TB2TB3
1GMMrva Martin SVK2385704348
2CMKlimaszewski Dariusz POL20966.504243
3FMLasinskas Povilas LTU2096604448
4WIMTereladze Sopiko GEO21415.504548
5 Garabetyan Arno TUR20565.504448
6 Lilja Richard DEN21315.504145
7 Wielosz Jaroslaw POL18915.503942
8 Zielinski Olgierd POL18165.503637
9FMDruckenthaner Andreas AUT2272504549
10WIMLeszner Liliana POL1872504142
11 Padrak Rafal POL21254.503943
12CMKirszenberg Marc FRA20564.503942
13 Puroila Sippo FIN18034.503841
14 Baliuniene Margarita LTU19354.503739
15 Chwalewski Marek POL17744.503738
16 Warnk Torsten GER17634.503436
17 Krzyzanowska-Zadlo Lidia POL173240.53839
18 Pietinen Pekka FIN193740.53637
19 Krzyzanowski Wojciech POL18783.50.53132
20 Babijczuk Wojciech POL14363.50.53031
21 Sielicki Tomasz POL19672.503840
22 Chlewinski Artur POL1417203233
23 Sawiniec Jaroslaw POL01.503436


Final rankings European Senior Chess Championship 65+:

Rk. NameFEDRtgPts. TB1TB2TB3
1IMRenman Nils-Gustaf SWE23117.504650
2FMChapman Terry P D ENG22076.504447
3FMStebbings Anthony J ENG2283604549
4IMPetran Peter SVK2234604448
5 Sokolowski Ryszard POL2050604144
6 Praszak Michal POL2048604042
7IMLederman Leon ISR22095.504751
8IMBogdanov Valentin UKR23335.504650
9FMSchulz Michael GER22175.504144
10FMSyre Christian GER22435.503942
11FMMalesevic Nedeljko SWE2228504548
12IMDobosz Henryk POL2354504448
13 Neumann Joachim GER2082503639
14 Hewson Brian W R ENG2049503537
15 Rak Tomasz POL18874.504347
16IMBiro Sandor ROU21164.504344
17 Olszowski Andrzej POL16004.503637
18WIMWagner-Michel Annett GER20564.503436
19 Severcan Sedat Sabri TUR1849404041
20 Sciupokas Arunas LTU1960403942
21 Krupa Jerzy POL1771403842
22 Stokes Michael ENG2024403539
23 Gasik Piotr POL1990403538
24 Scowen Roger S ENG1864403334
25 Gromowski Stanislaw POL1613403233
26 Plesiuk Jan POL1573403233
27 Patola Eero FIN1810403133
28WFMKasprzyk Irena POL2017403031
29IMChubar Vladimir UKR18093.503637
30WFMSosnowska Elzbieta POL17263.503637
31 Berkley Stephen W ENG15253.503536
32 Borowik Ryszard POL0203435
33 Virtanen Esko FIN17091.502930


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