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European Women’s Chess Championship – Round 4

Four rounds have been already played at the 18th European Individual Women’s Chess Championship 2017 in Riga and six players are in the lead.

Nana Dzagnidze, the sole leader form the previous round drew her game against Anna Muzychuk, which gave the opportunity for other contestants to catch her lead.

Former World Champion Mariya Muzychuk defeated Marta Michna, while Olga Zimina surprised Natalija Pogonina. Also, the young Aleksandra Goryachkina defeated Ketevan Arakhamia-Grant, and Zeinab Mamedjarova was better than Alisa Galliamova, and both of them secured their places among the leaders.

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Standings after 4 rounds:

1-6 Mamedjarova, M.Muzychuk, Dzagnidze, Goryachkina, Atalik and Zimina 3.5

7-29 Zhukova, Zawadzka, Hoolt, Paehtz, Berzina, Fataliyeva, A.Muzychuk, Khotenashvili, Girya, Savina, Charochkina, Socko, Danielian, Mammadzada, Lagno, Ovod, Javakhashvili, Hoang, Nechaeva, Arabidze, Pustovoitova, A.Gara and Lazarne 3 points, etc.

top boards

Top pairings of the 5th round:

Atalik vs M.Muzychuk, Zimina vs Dzagnidze, Z.Mamedjarova vs Goryachkina, A.Muzychuk vs Pustovoitova, Lagno vs Charochkina, Nechaeva vs Girya, Socko vs Hoolt, Ovod vs Hoang, Javakhashvili vs Arabidze, etc.

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