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European Women’s Chess Club Cup 2022 – List of participants

The 37th European Chess Club Cup and the 26th European Women’s Chess Club Cup will simultaneously take place from 2nd – 10th October in Mayrhofen, Austria and have set a new participation record with 87 registered teams (70 in the Open section and 17 in the Women’s section).

The top seeded teams of the 2022 European Women’s Club Cup are Cercle d’Echecs de Monte-Carlo (average rating of players 2493, captain Almira Skripchenko), CSU ASE Superbet Romania (average rating of players 2430, captain Tiberiu Georgescu), Odlar Yurdu Azerbaijan (average rating of players 2411, captain Djakhangir Agaragimov), BGK KS Gwiazda Bydgoszcz Poland (average rating of players 2410, captain Agnieszka Sobiechowska), and ASVOe Pamhagen Austria (average rating of players 2410, captain Anatol Vitouch). (scroll down for starting list of teams)

79 players from 22 countries will compete for their European Clubs, including Mariya Muzychuk (TAJFUN – Sk Ljubljana), Anna Muzychuk (Cercle d’Echecs de Monte-Carlo), Zhansaya Abdumalik (Cercle d’Echecs de Monte-Carlo), Alina Kashlinskaya (KS Gwiazda Bydgoszcz), Elisabeth Paehtz (Cercle d’Echecs de Monte-Carlo), Gunay Mammadzada (Odlar Yurdu), Pia Cramling (Cercle d’Echecs de Monte-Carlo), Marsel Efroimski (CSU ASE Superbet), Anna Ushenina (ASVOe Pamhagen), and Dinara Saduakassova (CSU ASE Superbet). (scroll down for starting list of players)

Teams shall be composed of four (4) players plus two (1) reserve. The event will be played in 7 rounds, swiss system, with time control: 90 minutes for 40 moves plus 30 minutes for the rest of the game with an increment of 30 seconds per move, starting from move one. See detailed information and schedule of the event here

European Chess Club Cup 2022 – LIVE games / European Chess Club Cup 2022 – List of participants (Open section)

Europea Women’s Club Cup 2018; Photo by Niki Riga

Starting rank list of teams:

1MNCCercle d’Echecs de Monte-Carlo2493Almira Skripchenko
2ROUCSU ASE Superbet2430Tiberiu Georgescu
3AZEOdlar Yurdu2411Djakhangir Agaragimov
4POLBGK KS Gwiazda Bydgoszcz2410Agnieszka Sobiechowska
5AUTASVOe Pamhagen2410Anatol Vitouch
6ENGWood Green2362Lawrence Cooper
7AUTSK Erste Bank Baden2359Manuela Konarski
8SLOTAJFUN – SK Ljubljana2322Luka Lenic
9UKRBlue & Yellow2300Buksa Nataliya
10SRBSirmium2247Mila Zarkovic
11FRAPhilidor Mulhouse2229Claude Schmitt
12MKDGambit Asseco See2210Zoran Stojchevski
13ISRHaifa-Nesher2148Yakir Vainshtein
14AUTSK Zell/Zillertal2089Nikola Mayrhuber
15ISLGarðabaer Chessclub1993Hallgerdur Thorsteinsdottir
16ISRRishon Lezion Chess Club1981Vardi Shlomit
17GERSchachzentrum Seeblick e.V.1873Henrik Teske


Starting rank list of players:

No. NameRtgIFEDTeamBo.
1GMMuzychuk Mariya2527UKRTAJFUN – SK Ljubljana1
2GMMuzychuk Anna2526UKRCercle d’Echecs de Monte-Carlo1
3GMAbdumalik Zhansaya2495KAZCercle d’Echecs de Monte-Carlo2
4IMKashlinskaya Alina2491POLBGK KS Gwiazda Bydgoszcz1
5IMPaehtz Elisabeth2484GERCercle d’Echecs de Monte-Carlo3
6IMMammadzada Gunay2473AZEOdlar Yurdu1
7GMCramling Pia2468SWECercle d’Echecs de Monte-Carlo4
8IMEfroimski Marsel2462ISRCSU ASE Superbet4
9GMUshenina Anna2439UKRASVOe Pamhagen2
10IMSaduakassova Dinara2434KAZCSU ASE Superbet2
11GMDanielian Elina2426ARMASVOe Pamhagen1
12IMOsmak Yuliia2418UKRASVOe Pamhagen3
13IMBulmaga Irina2417ROUCSU ASE Superbet1
14IMSalimova Nurgyul2414BULSK Erste Bank Baden1
15WIMKiolbasa Oliwia2410POLBGK KS Gwiazda Bydgoszcz2
16WGMFataliyeva Ulviyya2408AZEOdlar Yurdu2
17IMBuksa Nataliya2407UKRBlue & Yellow1
18IMAtalik Ekaterina2406TURCSU ASE Superbet3
19IMSukandar Irine Kharisma2401INAWood Green1
20IMSkripchenko Almira2390FRACercle d’Echecs de Monte-Carlo5
21WGMAntolak Julia2387POLBGK KS Gwiazda Bydgoszcz3
22IMMammadova Gulnar2382AZEOdlar Yurdu3
23WGMBalajayeva Khanim2379AZEOdlar Yurdu4
24WGMKlek Hanna Marie2366GERPhilidor Mulhouse2
25IMHunt Harriet V2359ENGWood Green3
26WGMWagner Dinara2358GERSK Erste Bank Baden3
27IMMaltsevskaya Aleksandra2356POLASVOe Pamhagen4
28IMHouska Jovanka2354ENGWood Green2
29IMCyfka Karina2352POLBGK KS Gwiazda Bydgoszcz4
30WGMBeydullayeva Govhar2346AZEOdlar Yurdu5
31 Roebers Eline2344NEDSK Erste Bank Baden2
32IMUnuk Laura2340SLOTAJFUN – SK Ljubljana2
33IMGaponenko Inna2339UKRBlue & Yellow2
34GMArakhamia-Grant Ketevan2333SCOWood Green4
35WGMHeinemann Josefine2321GERSK Erste Bank Baden4
36WIMUrh Zala2321SLOTAJFUN – SK Ljubljana3
37WGMNavrotescu Andreea2313FRAPhilidor Mulhouse3
38WGMMajdan Joanna2307POLBGK KS Gwiazda Bydgoszcz5
39WGMEnkhtuul Altan-Ulzii2295MGLPhilidor Mulhouse1
40WGMRapport Jovana2294ROUCSU ASE Superbet5
41WGMBelenkaya Dina2280ISRHaifa-Nesher2
42WGMDoluhanova Evgeniya2278UKRBlue & Yellow3
43WIMBlagojevic Tijana2270SRBSirmium2
44FMKrasteva Beloslava2270BULGambit Asseco See2
45WGMRadeva Viktoria2260BULGambit Asseco See1
46WGMEric Jovana2258SRBSirmium1
47WGMToma Katarzyna2249ENGWood Green5
48WIMRakhmangulova Anastasiya2244UKRHaifa-Nesher1
49WIMGajcin Marina2241SRBSirmium3
50WFMKatkov Michelle2219ISRRishon Lezion Chess Club1
51WIMZarkovic Mila2219SRBSirmium4
52WGMTarleva Diana2175UKRBlue & Yellow4
53WIMDrljevic Ljilja2172SRBGambit Asseco See4
54WFMLevitan Ronit2160ISRHaifa-Nesher3
55WFMSchnegg Anna-Lena2154AUTSK Zell/Zillertal2
56WFMTrippold Denise2151AUTSK Erste Bank Baden5
57WFMMayrhuber Nikola2141AUTSK Zell/Zillertal1
58WIMDjukic Sandra2138SRBGambit Asseco See3
59WFMSchloffer Jasmin-Denise2127AUTSK Zell/Zillertal3
60WIMVidic Teja2099SLOTAJFUN – SK Ljubljana4
61WFMKejzar Petra2087SLOTAJFUN – SK Ljubljana5
62WGMPtacnikova Lenka2051ISLGarðabaer Chessclub1
63WFMThorsteinsdottir Gudlaug2014ISLGarðabaer Chessclub4
64 Johannsdottir Johanna Bjorg1969ISLGarðabaer Chessclub2
65 Reprun Nadejda1968ISRRishon Lezion Chess Club3
66 Federovski Adi1967ISRRishon Lezion Chess Club2
67 Thomas Apolline1942FRAPhilidor Mulhouse4
68 Peglau Charis1938GERSchachzentrum Seeblick e.V.1
69WFMThorsteinsdottir Hallgerdur1937ISLGarðabaer Chessclub3
70 Wu Min1934AUTSK Zell/Zillertal5
71 Orian Noga1908ISRHaifa-Nesher4
72 Peglau Mirjam1886GERSchachzentrum Seeblick e.V.3
73 Manova Ivana1876MKDGambit Asseco See5
74 Peglau Dora1875GERSchachzentrum Seeblick e.V.2
75 Schebacher Solene1866FRAPhilidor Mulhouse5
76 Konecny Sophie1848AUTSK Zell/Zillertal4
77 Peglau Sarah1794GERSchachzentrum Seeblick e.V.4
78 Vardi Shlomit1769ISRRishon Lezion Chess Club4
79 Golovchanskaya Alina1684ISRHaifa-Nesher5


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