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Exercise Chess: King Loek vs King David

On Thursday July 16th 2015 the Leiden Chess Tournament will be officially opened by city council Paul Laudy at the City Hall Square in Leiden.

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Starting at 19:00 pm, the opening event this year will be a match between 2014 Dutch champion GM Loek van Wely (King Loek) and British champion  GM David Howell (King David). Both grandmasters are amongst the top world players. They will be playing two matches, while at the same time riding a “desk bicycle” to make true the well-known saying: “A healthy mind in a healthy body”.

The Worktrainer desk bikes have become especially known through exercise guru Prof. Eric Scherder (see picture at, to stimulate people to exercise more and keep a clear and healthy mind. Main sponsor and above average chess player Roel Piket from Adhoc & Solide Administratie & Advies will start the match by playing the first move.

One of Leiden’s grandmasters, John van der Wiel, will be the commentator during the match. Besides following the match and analysis, the spectators are more than welcome to participate in a simultaneous played game against NOSBO-champion Bert van der Marel from 19:00 pm till 21:00 pm.

On Friday July 17th the tournament will commence in the Leiden Mindsports Centre (Denksportcentrum Leiden) at Robijnstraat 4 in Leiden. At 18:45 pm the tournament starts by executing the first move by main sponsor Roel Piket on the topboard.

Prof. Eric Scherder

Prof. Eric Scherder

Preliminary list of players:

1 GM Howell, David W L ENG M 2698
2 GM Postny, Evgeny ISR M 2642
3 GM Tiviakov, Sergei NED M 2639
4 GM Nikolic, Predrag BIH M 2601
5 GM Chatalbashev, Boris BUL M 2516
6 GM Petrov, Marian BUL M 2487
7 GM Milov, Leonid GER M 2462
8 IM Das, Arghyadip IND M 2457
9 Pijpers, Arthur NED M 2433
10 IM Van Delft, Merijn NED M 2428
11 Van Overdam, Julian NED M 2367
12 FM Erwich, Frank NED M 2361
13 IM Palit, Somak IND M 2360
14 FM Gindi, Shachar ISR M 2336
15 IM Slingerland, Fred NED M 2314
16 Visser, Henk-Jan NED M 2272
17 Wilschut, Peter NED M 2238
18 Johansson, Gunnar SWE M 2223
19 FM Sorensen, Bent DEN M 2217
20 FM Overeem, Marc NED M 2216
21 Kolodkin, Daniil NED M 2208
22 Kerkvliet, Max NED M 2186
23 FM Heemskerk, Wim NED M 2175
24 Van der Marel, Lambertus NED M 2161
25 Vistisen, Lars DEN M 2159
26 Wallgren, Ulf SWE M 2141
27 Thakoerdien, Jerrel NED M 2130
28 Bjarnehag, Peter SWE M 2118
29 Polak, Alexander NED M 2114
30 Van der Raaf, Erik NED M 2110
31 FM Happel, Henk NED M 2107
32 Den Hartog, Marijn NED M 2088
33 Ratsma, Rosa NED M 2088
34 Bottema, Timo NED M 2074
35 Bebchuk, Leonid ISR M 2072
36 Dekker, Marvin AHO M 2056
37 Van Halderen, Herman NED M 2052
38 Van der Scheer, Henk NED M 2049
39 Oosterom, Erik NED M 2043
40 Segers, Hans NED M 2043
41 Van Briemen, Willem NED M 2041
42 Van der Meer, Kees NED M 2038
43 Van Duijn, Roel NED M 2027
44 Knudsen, Martin DEN M 2026
45 Havenaar, Jan NED M 2017
46 Campbell, Ian ENG M 2005
47 Veenendaal, Loek NED M 1993
48 Roozendaal, Marc NED M 1989
49 Nguyen, Kevin NED M 1986
50 Jongste, David NED M 1976
51 Erwich, Frans NED M 1974
52 Bishoen, Bob NED M 1968
53 Bakker, Joop NED M 1956
54 Corstjens, Rolf NED M 1953
55 Holwijn, Melvin NED M 1952
56 Hawkins, James N H ENG M 1942
57 Brantjes, Yme NED M 1937
58 De Mooij, Marco NED M 1929
59 Van Drunick, Jan-Willem NED M 1919
60 Van Randen, Fred NED M 1916
61 Finkenflugel, Renzo NED M 1909
62 Vreeburg, Jan NED M 1901
63 Weiland, Harro NED M 1890
64 Van Brussel, Bert NED M 1877


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