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Faroe Islands – National team squad 2023

The Faroe – National team squad 2023 will take place from 01-07 April 2023 in Torshavn, Faroe Islands. The time control 90 minutes for 40 moves, followed by 15 minutes to the end of the game, plus a 30-second increment starting from move one. The tournament format is 7-round Robin.
In the National team squad 2023 section of the tournament will participate Helgi Dam Ziska, Hogni Egilstoft Nielsen, Martin Poulsen, Rogvi Egilstoft, Olaf Berg, Eydun Nolsoe, Carl Eli Nolsoe Samuelsen and Luitjen Akselsson Apol.

All categories will be played at the same time and you can follow them live here : 1.boys 2023 | General boys 2023 | Junior boys 2023 | Veterans 2023 .


Round 1 on 2023/04/01 at 14:00
112174Nolsoe, Eydun0 – 1Apol, Luitjen Akselsson21438PGN
222153FMSamuelsen, Carl Eli Nolsoe0 – 1GMZiska, Helgi Dam25457PGN
332300FMPoulsen, Martin0 – 1FMEgilstoft, Rogvi22986PGN
442211FMBerg, Olaf0 – 1FMNielsen, Hogni Egilstoft24075PGN
Round 2 on 2023/04/02 at 14:00
182143Apol, Luitjen AkselssonFMNielsen, Hogni Egilstoft24075
262298FMEgilstoft, RogviFMBerg, Olaf22114
372545GMZiska, Helgi DamFMPoulsen, Martin23003
412174Nolsoe, EydunFMSamuelsen, Carl Eli Nolsoe21532
Round 3 on 2023/04/03 at 17:00
122153FMSamuelsen, Carl Eli NolsoeApol, Luitjen Akselsson21438
232300FMPoulsen, MartinNolsoe, Eydun21741
342211FMBerg, OlafGMZiska, Helgi Dam25457
452407FMNielsen, Hogni EgilstoftFMEgilstoft, Rogvi22986
Round 4 on 2023/04/04 at 17:00
182143Apol, Luitjen AkselssonFMEgilstoft, Rogvi22986
272545GMZiska, Helgi DamFMNielsen, Hogni Egilstoft24075
312174Nolsoe, EydunFMBerg, Olaf22114
422153FMSamuelsen, Carl Eli NolsoeFMPoulsen, Martin23003
Round 5 on 2023/04/05 at 17:00
132300FMPoulsen, MartinApol, Luitjen Akselsson21438
242211FMBerg, OlafFMSamuelsen, Carl Eli Nolsoe21532
352407FMNielsen, Hogni EgilstoftNolsoe, Eydun21741
462298FMEgilstoft, RogviGMZiska, Helgi Dam25457
Round 6 on 2023/04/06 at 14:00
182143Apol, Luitjen AkselssonGMZiska, Helgi Dam25457
212174Nolsoe, EydunFMEgilstoft, Rogvi22986
322153FMSamuelsen, Carl Eli NolsoeFMNielsen, Hogni Egilstoft24075
432300FMPoulsen, MartinFMBerg, Olaf22114
Round 7 on 2023/04/07 at 14:00
142211FMBerg, OlafApol, Luitjen Akselsson21438
252407FMNielsen, Hogni EgilstoftFMPoulsen, Martin23003
362298FMEgilstoft, RogviFMSamuelsen, Carl Eli Nolsoe21532
472545GMZiska, Helgi DamNolsoe, Eydun21741

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