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FIDE Online Arena entertains players with daily events

FIDE Online ArenaThe official FIDE Online Arena is constantly introducing new ways to improve in chess and enjoy the revolutionary playing platform.

In the FIDE Arena there is an entertaining event each day, through which it is possible to challenge masters from all over the world.

Divided in different events the FIDE Arena, powered by PremiumChess, offers simultaneous games, master challenges and video lessons to all its members.

The calendar of the events is published at the beginning of every month to allow the members to dedicate part of their time to play for free against GMs and IMs.

And on Fridays things get tough when the thematic tournaments strain players to perform at their best.

All the events are announced to users in the weekly calendar and in the news section which are visible in the platform and on the website.

Added to the other revolutionary features that FIDE wants to introduce with this new opening to the web, these events, as well as the online world championships, are the realistic first steps for a brand new version of chess worldwide.

FIDE Online Arena events

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