Fischer’s Endgame Technique by Alex Colovic

Chess has come a long way since Bobby Fischer was champion 50 years ago. Engines dominate how players study the game. So can we still really learn from his games after all this time? The answer is yes. You now have the opportunity to emulate Bobby Fischer’s play and learn to put non-stop pressure on opponents with the same unrelenting and fierce play he did half a century ago. By studying his most masterful endgames, you will learn to think like one of the greatest chess masterminds of all time.

One thing author GM Alex Colovic found when creating this course was how ahead of his time Fischer was. He had engine-like foresight which led him to calculate endgames like a human tablebase. And he wants to teach you how to play the endgame with the same precision Bobby Fischer did. He does so by giving you exercises and posing questions so that you can gradually learn to think like Fischer, with the aggressive and straightforward play Fischer was known for. And by studying these endgames, you will sharpen your overall play to be a force to be reckoned with over the board.

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In this course, Colovic gives you five separate chapters exploring:

Fischer’s technique– An introduction to Fischer’s unique style featuring three of his most exemplary games

Bishop dominates knight– Learn how to find your opponent’s “bad bishop” and trade it off, while you take advantage of your opponent’s color weaknesses

Knight dominates bishop– improve your calculation by envisioning possible knight moves several moves in advance and finding the most dangerous squares for your knight

Concrete endgames– Learn to play the endgame by going full throttle just like Fischer, for example, instead of retreating an attacked piece, create an attack yourself, open lines and fight for the initiative

Endgames with rooks and opposite-colored bishops– avoid theoretical draws and maximize the potential of your rook and bishop by keeping them on the board thereby creating mating threats

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