FM Midas Ratsma – Attacking Repertoire for Club Players for Black

White may have the first move, but it’ll be you who starts off the fun with this attacking opening repertoire for Black. Pro chess coach and FIDE Master Midas Ratsma is back to finish his complete opening repertoire for club players. After delivering a punchy, practical, and popular repertoire for White (find it in the courses here), he’s struck gold once again, this time with the Black pieces. Teaming up with fellow Dutch FIDE Master Mees van Osch, the duo covers every critical opening White could play – giving you a repertoire where you can bring the heat right away, without burning yourself out in endless memorization of theoretical lines.

You’ll learn how to:

Rip apart the Ruy Lopez with the Open Spanish variation – not only will you snatch a pawn right away, you’ll make White work hard to keep up with your rolling attack.

Spice up the Queen’s Gambit with the Albin Countergambit – most club players simply won’t know how to deal with this tricky gambit, and you’re likely to break out a winning tactic right in the opening!

Blow up the English with the Reverse Sicilian – watch your opponent’s eyes widen in disbelief to see how quickly you whip up an attack ‘out of nowhere’ against their 1.c4. But anything’s possible when you dominate the center like this!

Wreck the Reti and other openings with the Reversed Jobava London System – this simple and amazingly versatile system can take down many White openings, where your knight and bishop set up many devious forking possibilities.

And more. If it’s a mainstream opening for White, or even not so mainstream, it’s covered! Kick off the fun without the endless theoretical study – get the Attacking Repertoire for Club Players for Black today.

More about FM Midas Ratsma

Midas Ratsma is a FIDE Master and coach from the Netherlands. As founder of The Chess Community, which offers both coaching and a platform to connect training partners, FM Ratsma has bountiful experience teaching students from a wide range of ratings and backgrounds. The Dutch Master particularly specializes in club player improvement, which gave him the perfect background to create his first Chessable course: Attacking Repertoire for Club Players: 1.e4. That course exemplifies FM Ratsma’s coaching style: a focus on fundamentals, emphasis on ideas more than move order memorization, and simple yet strong chess. It’s the same approach that has gotten him far in the Dutch chess scene. And although he enjoys much more complex and tactical positions himself now, it’s clearly working – among his proudest achievements, FM Ratsma has an impressive 2 – 0 classical chess record against Dutch chess powerhouse and Chessable author GM Max Warmerdam!

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