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French Team Championship Top 16, Pool A – Participants

The French Top 16 is a team championship taking place in Chartres, France from June 1-11. It begins with 2 pools of 8 teams where after 7 rounds the Top 4 and Bottom 4 advance to higher and lower brackets, with the French Champions decided in the higher bracket. Matches are played on 8 boards. The time control is 90 minutes for 40 moves, then 30 minutes to the end of the game, with a 30-second increment from move 1. will follow daily the live games .

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Starting team ranking :

1. Bischwiller (RtgAvg:2594, TB1: 4 / TB2: 0)
Bo. NameRtgFEDRtgAvg
1GMBacrot, Etienne2672FRA2655
2GMRagger, Markus2631AUT2567
3GMNaiditsch, Arkadij2669AZE2659
4GMFressinet, Laurent2632FRA2597
5GMRodshtein, Maxim2604ISR2593
6GMLe Roux, Jean-Pierre2509FRA2548
7GMMaze, Sebastien2539FRA2521
8GMSebag, Marie2421FRA2354
9GMBellahcene, Bilel2497ALG0
10WGMMaisuradze, Nino2276FRA0
2. Tremblay en France (RtgAvg:2387, TB1: 4 / TB2: 0)
Bo. NameRtgFEDRtgAvg
1GMVan Foreest, Lucas2547NED2579
2GMShchekachev, Andrei2508FRA2508
3IMVlachos, Anatole2448GRE2424
4GMAbergel, Thal2373FRA2493
5GMFlom, Gabriel2442FRA2375
6IMShirazi, Kamran2278FRA0
7FMKuhn, Clement2313FRA2347
8 Hernandez, Lara1947FRA2185
9FMMekhane, Adam2188FRA2341
3. Lyon Olympique Echecs (RtgAvg:2437, TB1: 4 / TB2: 0)
Bo. NameRtgFEDRtgAvg
1GMTer-Sahakyan, Samvel2598ARM2587
2GMGrigoryan, Karen H.2626ARM2556
3GMPichot, Alan2638ARG2590
4GMVernay, Clovis2491SUI2476
5IMTahay, Alexis2421FRA2322
6IMBenitah, Yohan2361FRA2277
7IMCrut, Aurelien2343FRA2259
8 Rollot, Florence2018FRA2131
4. Echiquier Chalonnais (RtgAvg:2571, TB1: 3 / TB2: 0)
Bo. NameRtgFEDRtgAvg
1GMKorobov, Anton2661UKR2659
2GMGrandelius, Nils2674SWE2562
3GMVelten, Paul2493FRA2570
4GMFedorchuk, Sergey A.2579UKR2548
5GMDavid, Alberto2540ITA2390
6GMDorfman, Iossif2541FRA2403
7IMBournel, Antoine2354FRA2076
8IMAlexieva, Silvia2213FRA2263
9GMTopalov, Veselin2728BUL2655
5. C’Chartres Echecs (RtgAvg:2571, TB1: 1 / TB2: 0)
Bo. NameRtgFEDRtgAvg
1GMIvanchuk, Vasyl2655UKR2700
2GMMamedov, Rauf2642AZE2646
3GMKamsky, Gata2659USA2624
4GMLagarde, Maxime2597FRA2653
5GMBauer, Christian2593FRA2573
6GMMaurizzi, Marc`andria2548FRA2525
7GMGuliyev, Namig2521AZE2516
8IMDaulyte-Cornette, Deimante2354FRA2317
6. Vandoeuvre Echecs (RtgAvg:2417, TB1: 0 / TB2: 0)
Bo. NameRtgFEDRtgAvg
1GMDonchenko, Alexander2667GER2573
2GMHamitevici, Vladimir2493MDA2500
3GMSolodovnichenko, Yuri2503UKR2573
4IMBrunner, Nicolas2424FRA2470
5FMDecuigniere, Tom2375FRA2432
6IMSavina, Anastasia2341FRA2275
7IMPhilippe, Christophe2347FRA2328
8WIMSteil-Antoni, Fiona2185LUX1983
7. Cappelle la Grande (RtgAvg:2435, TB1: 0 / TB2: 0)
Bo. NameRtgFEDRtgAvg
1GMFedoseev, Vladimir2676FID2650
2GMEdouard, Romain2527FRA2583
3GMDardha, Daniel2619BEL2560
4GMEnchev, Ivajlo2437BUL2579
6 Jossien, Remy2231FRA2540
7 Maugenest, Ghislain2212FRA2451
8 Lam, Sophie2076FRA2186
9 Feryn, Benjamin2171FRA2278
10GMNikolov, Momchil2506BUL2598
11FMJossien, Arnaud2268FRA2421
8. C.E.Strasbourg (RtgAvg:2115, TB1: 0 / TB2: 0)
Bo. NameRtgFEDRtgAvg
1GMSanikidze, Tornike2491GEO2589
2GMPrusikin, Michael2513GER2508
3GMRozentalis, Eduardas2528LTU0
4IMSharif, Mehrshad2330FRA0
6IMRoos, Jean-Luc2184FRA0
7 Olguin, Monica1619FRA0
8IMRoos, Louis2254FRA0

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