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French Team Championship Top 16, Pool B – Participants

The French Top 16 is a team championship taking place in Chartres, France from June 1-11. It begins with 2 pools of 8 teams where after 7 rounds the Top 4 and Bottom 4 advance to higher and lower brackets, with the French Champions decided in the higher bracket. Matches are played on 8 boards. The time control is 90 minutes for 40 moves, then 30 minutes to the end of the game, with a 30-second increment from move 1. will follow daily the live games.

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Starting team ranking :

1. Asnieres Le Grand Echiquier (RtgAvg:2573, TB1: 4 / TB2: 0)
Bo. NameRtgFEDRtgAvg
2GMMoussard, Jules2655FRA2469
3GMMovsesian, Sergei2615ARM2386
4GMEsipenko, Andrey2682FID2476
5GMOparin, Grigoriy2687USA2405
6GMCornette, Matthieu2578FRA2389
7GMDegraeve, Jean-Marc2463FRA2206
8GMPelletier, Yannick2511SUI2170
9IMGuichard, Pauline2395FRA2037
2. Clichy Echecs 92 (RtgAvg:2595, TB1: 4 / TB2: 0)
Bo. NameRtgFEDRtgAvg
1GMVan Foreest, Jorden2695NED2570
2GMMaghsoodloo, Parham2716IRI2442
3GMGharamian, Tigran2601FRA2443
4GMAmin, Bassem2690EGY2459
5GMLibiszewski, Fabien2498FRA2278
6GMTregubov, Pavel V.2553FRA2340
7GMDelorme, Axel2483FRA2266
8WFMBroly, Mathilde2113FRA1592
9GMHamdouchi, Hicham2526MAR2549
3. Mulhouse Philidor (RtgAvg:2551, TB1: 4 / TB2: 0)
Bo. NameRtgFEDRtgAvg
1GMNihal, Sarin2681IND2443
2GMBluebaum, Matthias2672GER2292
3GMNarayanan.S.L, 2657IND2341
4IMRakotomaharo, Fy Antenaina2462MAD2245
5IMTerrieux, Kevin2446FRA2364
6GMSokolov, Andrei2464FRA2318
7IMPapadiamandis, Elliot2320FRA2161
8WGMNavrotescu, Andreea2194FRA2032
9GMMendonca, Leon Luke2623IND2509
10GMRiff, Jean-Noel2401FRA2367
11IMBurri, Quentin2403FRA2395
4. Grasse Echecs (RtgAvg:2524, TB1: 4 / TB2: 0)
Bo. NameRtgFEDRtgAvg
1GMSaric, Ivan2670CRO2549
2GMLupulescu, Constantin2573ROU2444
3GMWirig, Anthony2518FRA2404
4GMParligras, Mircea-Emilian2556ROU2394
5IMLoiseau, Quentin2464FRA2413
6GMSochacki, Christophe2464FRA2287
7GMDemuth, Adrien2485FRA2297
8IMMilliet, Sophie2384FRA1558
9IMBarbot, Pierre2458FRA2245
5. Metz Fischer (RtgAvg:2438, TB1: 0 / TB2: 0)
Bo. NameRtgFEDRtgAvg
1GMPostny, Evgeny2549ISR2598
2GMGanguly, Surya Shekhar2587IND2634
3GMBailet, Pierre2513FRA2518
4GMLazarev, Vladimir2496FRA2579
5GMVisakh, N R2542IND2577
6IMMigot, Tangi2373FRA2509
7FMMicottis, Dorian2267FRA2484
8 Pucher, Serina1199FRA2249
9 Hisler, Thomas2178FRA2498
6. Poitiers-Migne Echecs (RtgAvg:2263, TB1: 0 / TB2: 0)
Bo. NameRtgFEDRtgAvg
1IMLucas, Arthur2326FRA2583
2FMTranchant, Sebastien2292FRA2614
3FMSalles, Louis2295FRA2588
4FMSaada, Julien2245FRA2460
5FMMariette, Lucas2284FRA2455
6 Lambert, Romain2201FRA2464
7 Ladrat, Matthieu2161FRA2320
8 Leriche, Ines1917FRA2289
9IMPicard, Romain2301FRA2573
7. Marseille Echecs (RtgAvg:2337, TB1: 0 / TB2: 0)
Bo. NameRtgFEDRtgAvg
1IMLaurent-Paoli, Pierre2552FRA2689
2IMEspinosa Aranda, Angel2442ESP2702
3 Bacrot, Alexandre2390FRA2590
4FMMartinez Reyes, Pedro Ramon2376VEN2653
5FMLamaze, Simon2377FRA2577
6FMRuperez Benito, Antonio2307ESP2532
7FMRottenwohrer Suarez, Juan2265ESP2473
8 Belluire, Beatrice1985FRA2254
8. THF – St Quentin (RtgAvg:2437, TB1: 0 / TB2: 0)
Bo. NameRtgFEDRtgAvg
1GMCheng, Bobby2560AUS2668
2IMDionisi, Thomas2395FRA2509
3IMBrochet, Philippe2399FRA2682
4FMHeinz, Timothee2367FRA2544
5IMGodart, Francois2387BEL2618
6WFMMonpeurt, Cyrielle2147FRA2329
7 Le Hay, Thierry2033FRA2511
8 Bitbol-Delaveyne, Maelan2088FRA2395
9GMKulaots, Kaido2509EST2623
10GMChabanon, Jean-Luc2435FRA2464
11GMMarcelin, Cyril2443FRA2446

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