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Fritz 16 dominates TCEC Div 3

fritz 16The new entrant in the TCEC competition Fritz 16 has won division 3 of the competition. It finished with 18,5/28, a full point ahead of Laser 1.5. Fritz won 10 games and drew 17 games, losing only one along the way – against the bronze medalist of the division Nemorino.

Despite being highly disputed competition, the first three places in Division 3 were occupied by the engines that are in the division by right as per the Season 10 standings. Fritz and Laser will continue their journey in Division 2, where they will face tougher and more experienced opposition. Nemorino deserved its stage medal thanks to a strong showing in the second half of the event. A fixed Pedone edged the Division 4 winner Defenchess on tiebreak for fourth position. Senpai is the other engine that will continue in the same division, while ChessBrainVB and Ethereal are relegated and will have to prove their right to join the division again in about three months time.

TCEC official website / Season 11 division system / Full list of participants / TCEC facebook page / TCEC Twitch TV channel

Full standings TCEC Division 3

1. Fritz 18,5/28
2. Laser 17,5
3. Nemorino 14,5
4. Pedone 14,0
5. Defenchess 14,0
6. Senpai 12,5
7. ChessBrainVB 11,0
8. Ethereal 10,0

TCEC Division 2 roster and official poll

TCEC Division 2 starts today, parallel to the Tata Steel 2018 competition and you can follow it live on the official site. The roaster includes Jonny, Bobcat, Texel, Vajolet, Wasp, Arasan, and the newly promoted Fritz and laser.

This is the official poll on Division 2, to predict the top 3 and the medal winners of this stage.

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Which engines will be in the top 3 of TCEC div 2? (select 3 answers)

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