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Garry Kasparov comments on Carlsen’s decision #TweetOftheDay

Garry Kasparov knows how it feels to retire from chess while being number one in the world. Yesterday, during the GCT Zagreb, he commented on Magnus Carlsen’s decision not to defend his World Champion title, underlining the fact that Carlsen is not retiring. More by Kasparov in #TweetOftheDay: Throwback: 13 year old Magnus Carlsen meets Garry Kasparov

Kasparov said, “As you might guess, as someone who fought for decades to reform and improve FIDE and the chess world, and who retired still #1 at age 41 in 2005, I have some thoughts. […] My first thought was that I wished my mother were still alive to see someone else do what I did, or similar! Walking away from what everyone expects, or demands, you do takes courage. My sympathies are with Magnus. […] Of course Magnus will still be playing–he’s playing right now in Zagreb. But he’s doing what he decided is best for his goals, not just personally to live his creative life, but to promote chess without fighting with FIDE guys about how he spends his time. […] The biggest news at the 2022 SuperUnited Rapid & Blitz Croatia was made off the board, with world champion Magnus Carlsen confirming he would not defend his title next year. (He’s not retiring, just not playing the WCh match.)”

Kasparov also shared his thoughts on FIDE, “I’m not a shrink or mind-reader, just sympathetic to even a world champion needing change, and wanting to see change in the chess world. And it needs it. FIDE has been a direct & indirect vehicle for Russian intelligence for decades and looks to continue as long as it’s useful. […] I’m still working to develop & promote chess globally via sponsorship, education, and technology, and I’m sure Magnus will too. Does anyone believe that’s what FIDE does? As I finally accepted in 2014 after I ran for FIDE president, its structure puts it beyond redemption.”

“Magnus has been a great champion and will continue to be one. Perhaps there was no way to reconcile his need for creative expression and the classical match format I myself favor. So be it. On to new challenges and more great chess instead of politics! Staying on top is harder than getting to the top because you are competing against the feeling you have achieved your life’s goal already. Staying motivated after climbing the chess Olympus is like climbing Mount Everest a second time, or a sixth. Humans need purpose.” concluded Kasparov.

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