GM Axel Smith with a new course – Color Complexes in Chess

GM Axel Smith, the famous author of the Woodpecker method, is releasing a new course. “Light & Dark Magic – Color Complexes in Chess” is the new strategy course of GM Smith, that covers when and how to initiate attacks. By recognizing weak square colors, what pieces to trade for an advantage, how to set up blockades and other draws, and more.

Learn how to use color complexes in attacking, defending, making fortresses, opposite color bishop endings, and more. Get the new GM Alex Smith course here, that includes 54 minutes free video as well

More about GM Axel Smith

Axel Smith is a grandmaster and author from Sweden. Though certainly experienced on the tournament circuit – he was 2013 Nordic Champion and 2012 Swedish Championship bronze medalist – GM Smith is perhaps best known for his writing. As author of such popular training resources as Pump Up Your Rating and The Woodpecker Method, amateurs and pros alike have long relied on his insights to re-focus and streamline their training efforts, and with much success.

These methods are the result of GM Smith’s continual refinement and testing. Having worked with other strong Swedish GMs such as Hans Tikkanen and Nils Grandelius in his rise up the rating ladder, he perfected his approach to studying openings, tactics, and more – all of which are explained in candid detail in his books. His hard work culminated in an impressive push for the GM title. Once on the verge of giving up his pursuit, GM Smith left for Hungary to chase his final two norms without a return plane ticket. It took him just two tournaments to achieve his norms and earn the title.

Having achieved his GM title, Smith now continues coaching, writing, marathon running, and peaceful climate activism. His goal now, in his own words, is to create a chess book he feels can be his last. While we hate to think this wise author will ever stop offering his valuable advice, his debut Chessable course Light & Dark Magic: Color Complexes in Chess certainly is a work he could be proud of in this way.

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