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GM Danielsen publishes The Polar Bear System

The famous Grandmaster from Iceland – Henrik Danielsen – has published his first edition of The Polar Bear System. GM Danielsen shared, “I have spent 15 years developing the Polar Bear system. Indeed I have turned every stone in the system and lost many games in doing so. Since there is no theory of importance I had to work hard. I read everything about the Dutch defense and used the ideas with reversed colors. So the theory in the book is mainly created with my own games and analysis.”

The Polar Bear System starts with 1.f4 (the Bird opening) and then fianchetto of the kings, bishop as a mirror image of the Leningrad Dutch. See the basics of the Polar Bear system in this video

GM Danielsen shared more on the book, “I had to select the cream. And turn the cream into a repertoire book. Omitting lines in which I do not believe.
Every game and every move has been checked by the chess programs. It will not be easy for the reader to find a tactical mistake in the text. The repertoire is for club players but also professionals can get inspired.”

See the official website of The Polar Bear System

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