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GM Eduardo Iturrizaga Bonelli and IM Marta Garcia Martin are the new champions of Spain

The 2022 Spanish Championship, a 9-round Swiss tournament with classical time control, took place from 11-18 August in the halls of the hotel “RL Aníbal” in Linares. Both men and women competed in one event but were ranked separately, with the highest-scoring female player claiming the title of Spanish Women’s Champion.

The tournament turned into a close race of several top-rated players, with Eduardo Iturrizaga, Daniil Yuffa and Pedro Antonio Gines Esteo coming into the final round as joint leaders on 6½/8. Yuffa and Gines Esteo faced each other and split a point while the defending champion, Iturrizaga Bonelli, defeated Perez Candelario in style and claimed his second straight national title.

There was a three-way tie for second place, with tiebreaks favouring Daniil Yuffa (silver) and the rating favourite Jaime Santos Latasa (bronze). Although IM Pedro Antonio Gines Esteo did not make it to the podium finishing fourth, he won the U18 prize and picked 17 rating points.

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IM Marta Garcia Martin scored 6 points and became Spanish Women’s Champion for the first time in her career. The defending champion IM Sabrina Vega Gutiérrez netted an equal amount of points but had to settle for silver due to inferior tiebreaks. WIM Yudania Hernández Estévez closed the top three female winners scoring 4½ points. 

Final standings:

1GMmIturrizaga Bonelli, EduardoESP2461.17.5
2GMmYuffa, DaniilESP2484.47.0
3GMmSantos Latasa, JaimeESP2475.47.0
4IMmGines Esteo, Pedro AntonioESP2443.07.0
5IMmGarriga Cazorla, PereESP2506.96.5
6IMmMerario Alarcon, AndresESP2396.76.5
7GMmNarciso Dublan, MarcESP2396.76.5
8IMmMoreno Ruiz, JavierESP2382.96.5
9GMmCuenca Jimenez, Jose FernandoESP2381.86.5
10FMmLin, YingruiESP2312.86.5
11GMmPerez Candelario, ManuelESP2440.86.0
12GMmAsis Gargatagli, HipolitoESP2374.16.0
13IMfGarcia Martin, MartaESP2373.06.0
14FMmAlonso Garcia, AaronESP2364.96.0
15IMfVega Gutierrez, SabrinaESP2356.16.0
16IMmLianes Garcia, MarcosESP2333.86.0
17IMmGarcia Ramos, DanielESP2311.76.0
18IMmAlshameary Puente, IsmaelESP2297.36.0
19FMmCarbonell Sancho, MarcESP2282.36.0
20IMmGarza Marco, SergioESP2222.26.0
21FMmPerez Guerra, RaulESP2164.76.0
22GMmLopez Martinez, Josep ManuelESP2429.25.5
23mMartinez-Conde Hernandez, CarlosESP2370.45.5
24FMmSilva Lucena, CristianESP2369.35.5
25FMmMacias Pino, DiegoESP2347.35.5
26IMmEspinosa Aranda, AngelESP2338.15.5
27IMmPlazuelo Pascual, JuanESP2315.65.5
28FMmLopez Varela, PabloESP2295.65.5
29FMmFernandez Lopez, RubenESP2289.15.5
30FMmMedarde Santiago, Luis MarcosESP2289.05.5
31IMmMoreno Tejera, EmilioESP2283.75.5
32FMmMartinez Fernandez, AdrianESP2265.05.5
33FMmIngunza Curro, AndresESP2257.45.5
34mDe La Cruz Revilla, MiguelESP2227.25.5
35IMmGarrido Outon, AlexESP2194.85.5
36FMmMasague Artero, GuerauESP2166.75.5
37IMmLadron De Guevara Pinto, PaoloESP2362.25.0
38FMmDomingo Nunez, RubenESP2346.85.0
39GMmFernandez Garcia, Jose LuisESP2342.65.0
40FMmBernabeu Lopez, Carlos JavierESP2338.25.0
41FMmDomingo Nunez, AlejandroESP2296.15.0
42IMmTejedor Fuente, EnriqueESP2283.85.0
43FMmGomez Dieguez, DavidESP2269.05.0
44FMmCesar Maestre, BernardoESP2263.35.0
45mGarcia Garcia, SamuelESP2255.15.0
46FMmLuque Saiz, AndresESP2227.45.0
47FMmDel Prado Rodriguez, XulioESP2219.65.0
48FMmSerarols Mabras, BernatESP2210.85.0
49FMmEsquivias Quintero, Luis ManuelESP2207.75.0
50mIlinca Ilinca, Felix AntonioESP2207.15.0
51mGarcia Fernandez, VictorESP2119.25.0
52FMmAlvarez Fernandez, EnriqueESP2308.14.5
53mDel Carmen Hernandez, AimerESP2247.74.5
54IMmGuerra Bastida, DiegoESP2245.14.5
55IMmPomes Marcet, JuanESP2239.84.5
56FMmMassanet Massanet, SebastianESP2238.64.5
57FMmGarcia Gimenez, SantiagoESP2238.64.5
58mGarrido Diaz, Jose AntonioESP2225.14.5
59IMmVehi Bach, Victor ManuelESP2219.74.5
60mGomez Carreno, MartinESP2202.34.5
61mYuste Valenzuela, AlejandroESP2201.54.5
62IMmSuarez Uriel, AdrianESP2183.44.5
63WIMfHernandez Estevez, YudaniaESP2168.64.5
64mAlvarez Pampillon, AntonioESP2166.14.5
65mGonzalez Castillo, Jose JavierESP2147.34.5
66FMmMoral Garcia, SerafinESP2136.84.5
67WFMfRodriguez Redondo, AdharaESP2130.24.5
68FMmGonzalez Guedes, IyanESP2298.94.0
69mJimenez Bernal, FranciscoESP2261.94.0
70IMmRodriguez Lopez, RafaelESP2237.94.0
71WFMfJimenez Fernandez, RebecaESP2237.74.0
72mSaenz Narciso, Miguel AngelESP2227.34.0
73mBermudez Ureba, Juan DiegoESP2222.94.0
74FMmCastellanos Gomez, AlejandroESP2221.44.0
75CMmFernandez Garcia, GumersindoESP2204.64.0
76IMmArgandona Riveiro, InigoESP2188.34.0
77mCenteno Mendoza, Julio StefanoESP2167.74.0
78mSerrano Almendros, AlejandroESP2166.34.0
79mRey Martinez, JaimeESP2165.74.0
80mRamirez Diaz, Jose RamonESP2154.94.0
81mDiaz Mino, DanielESP2150.74.0
82mMaldonado Mena, GermanESP2149.74.0
83mVesga Izeta, MarkelESP2125.14.0
84mMontesinos Diaz, LuisESP2116.14.0
85fMagarino Carralero, DaylinESP2043.34.0
86IMmValmana Canto, JaimeESP2252.03.5
87mVidal del Rio, ManuelESP2231.73.5
88CMmHorcajuelo Rocamora, MartinESP2216.83.5
89WFMfZhou, LuluESP2187.73.5
90mGarcia Gonzalez, OmarESP2184.03.5
91mFernandez Camello, AlejandroESP2162.63.5
92mAguado Doncel, Pablo LuisESP2136.83.5
93fDonate Moreno, SilviaESP2135.13.5
94WFMfComellas Martos, LidiaESP2125.43.5
95mGarcia Escoda, MarcESP2119.43.5
96mCuellar Montes, AlejandroESP2119.13.5
97mSerrano Almendros, AngelESP2118.63.5
98mArroyo Rodriguez, JesusESP2097.73.5
99mSantos Martinez, GuillermoESP2095.93.5
100GMmGonzalez Perez, ArianESP2305.53.0
101mRomero Nieto, HugoESP2185.53.0
102WFMfOrdonez Torres, Maria Del CarmenESP2162.63.0
103mGomez Arce, AlejandroESP2112.03.0
104fGarcia Almeida, Aitana MariaESP2063.93.0
105mSanchez Lopez, JesusESP2045.73.0
106WCMfAbrisqueta Zudaire, LeyreESP2042.13.0
107mBlazquez Gomez, MiguelESP1992.33.0
108GMmSalgado Lopez, IvanESP0.03.0
109fSanleon Pravisano, NievesESP2148.42.5
110fHernandez Tellez, ClaudiaESP2131.42.5
111fMartinez Ramos, PaulaESP2100.72.5
112WFMfLorente Serrano, Rosa AdelaESP2046.22.5
113fPerez Sodupe, CeciliaESP2033.72.5
114fMartin Dinares, SoniaESP1983.82.5
115mGarrido Diaz, ErnestoESP2113.42.0
116mSalazar de la Cruz, Jose MariaESP2010.62.0
117fVinolas Anglada, LauraESP1990.82.0
118mMohamed Garcia, IsmaelESP1988.42.0
119fLobo Pereira, AramiESP2044.41.5
120mCobo Montejo, Miguel AngelESP0.00.5
121FMmBarez Menendez, HectorESP0.00.0


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