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GM Felix Blohberger and WFM Annika Froewis win Austrian Chess Championship 2022

Felix Blohberger and Annika Froewis emerged as the winners of the Austrian Chess Championship 2022. The event was played in 9 rounds, Swiss system, with classical time control, and took place from August 12-19 in the Vienna Chess House. Both men and women competed in one event but were ranked separately, with the highest-scoring female player claiming the title of Austrian Women’s Champion.

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The tournament was a very close affair, with Felix BlohbergerChristoph MenezesAndreas Diermair and Dominik Horvath coming into the final round as joint leaders on 6/8. Blohberger and Diermair drew their games against Horvath and Nikolaus Stanec, respectively, while Menezes got an overwhelming position against Johannes Steindl with black pieces but mishandled it and eventually lost.

As a result, four players tied for the top position, scoring 6½/9,  but the title goes to Felix Blohberger, thanks to superior Buchholz. Felix made himself an excellent gift for his 20th birthday. Andreas Diermair took silver, and Dominik Horvath claimed bronze. Scroll down for the final rankings

Annika Froewis seemed to be rushing towards a clear victory after scoring four points after five rounds. However, he suffered three straight defeats against strong opponents and allowed Veronika Exler and Barbara Teuschler to catch up with her heading into the final round. All three ladies lost their games in Round 9 and shared first place. Buchholz variable favoured Froewis, who took the title and completed a WIM norm with a performance of 2267.

Final rankings – Austrian Chess Championship 2022:

Rk. NameRtgPts. TB1TB2TB3
1GMBlohberger Felix 24926.548524
2GMDiermair Andreas 24586.546504
3IMHorvath Dominik 24896.546495
4FMSteindl Johannes 23126.537405
5IMMenezes Christoph 2414648524
6FMLeisch Lukas 2404647513
7GMStanec Nikolaus 2460647503
8FMMorgunov Marc 2412646494
9IMKilgus Georg 2387644475
10GMShengelia David 2462641455
11IMSchreiner Peter 2405641454
12IMSchwabeneder Florian 24275.542463
13FMSadilek Peter 23305.541455
14IMSchroll Gerhard  Dr. MMag.22815.540444
15GMBalinov Ilia 24195.539434
16FMKristoferitsch Daniel 23035.539425
17FMSchernthaner David 23075.539433
18FMKruckenhauser Arthur 2269542463
19FMSadilek Maximilian 2230542444
20FMNeumeier Klaus  Mag.2257540434
21FMBorrmann Laurenz 2294539434
22 Pilshofer Paul 2173538414
23 Belke Frank  Dr.2226538404
24IMGanaus Hannes 2287537393
25 Miazhynski Michael 2036536394
26 Nolz Tom 2230535374
27 Marakovits Nico 22344.543463
28 Leitner Gerald  DI.21524.540433
29CMSteiner Bruno 21264.540424
30FMSandhöfner Florian 22804.538422
31 Wagner Leopold Franziskus 20804.538412
32 Lerch Johannes 22424.537401
33 Högl Emanuel 20944.536381
34 Balint Peter 20674.534373
35 Miazhynski Yuri 21754.534372
36MKSpiesberger Gerhard 19724.532352
37WFMFröwis Annika 2044444484
38 Kienböck Benjamin 2105441433
39CMAlbadri Abd Al Sattar 2161440422
40WIMExler Veronika 2132440423
41CMBauer Thomas 2190439424
42WFMTeuschler Barbara 2097437403
43 Dotzer Lukas 2083436392
44 Steiner Adam  DI2226431342
45 Mayrhuber Tobias 1979431332
46 Stadlinger Lea 1843430322
47 Scheffknecht Philipp 20933.542461
48WFMMayrhuber Nikola 21013.537393
49 Stadlinger Matthias 19673.536381
50 Tumanyan Gor 20083.535371
51 Ivanyk Igor 20023.534372
52MKSucher Johannes  Mag.21173.534362
53 Jethan Martin  Dr.21033.531332
54NMWiedermann Daniel  Mag.20533.531333
55 Hengl Philip 19373.529310
56 Gschiel Alexander 2214338412
57FMSchnepp Gunnar 2276337393
58 Ernst Robert 2097334361
59 Kersten Julian 1999332342
60 Weichhart Daniel 1949329311
61NMTrkulja Zoran 21112.538412
62 Oberhuber Alexander 20622.536391
63 Fuchs Patrick 20092.532351
64 Gerö Leonhard 20172.532351
65FMHechl Gerald  Mag.2260234371
66 Kordzadze Nino 19931.529311
67 Kuntner Reinhard 2010027280


Photo: D. Hiermann

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