GM Kiril Georgiev and WIM Svetla Yordanova are 2015 Bulgarian champions

WIM Svetla Yordanova and GM Kiril Georgiev at the closing ceremony (photo credit: Emilia Dimitrova)

The winners WIM Svetla Yordanova and GM Kiril Georgiev at the closing ceremony (photo credit: Emilia Dimitrova)

The 2015 Bulgarian Individual Chess Championships took place from 18-26th April, in Hotel Rostov, in Pleven, a city in Bulgaria, located in the northern part of the country.

Both Men’s and Women’s events were played in a 10-player round-robin format with tempo of play 90’/ 40 + 30′ + 30″.

GM Kiril Georgiev emerged a clear winner in the Men’s Section with 7,5/9 points. He grabbed the trophy for third consecutive year to become a six-time Bulgarian champion (previous trophies: 1984, 1986, 1989, 2013, 2014).

Georgiev added 16 new Elo points to his rating to pass again the 2600 barrier and this is kind of expected, since he has been part of the Club 2600+ for 25 years, since 1990.

Kiril Georgiev is 2013 Bulgarian champion/ Kiril Georgiev is 2014 Bulgarian championInterview with GM Kiril Georgiev

First seed GM Ivan Cheparinov remained second, scoring 7/9 points and leaving the nearest follower, GM Vasil Spasov, 1,5 points behind.

Meanwhile, the champion among women stayed unclear until the very last round of the competition.

Fourth seed WIM Svetla Yordanova was a sole leader throughout the whole event, but WGMs Margarita Voiska and Adriana Nikolova were close enough.

The final match-up between Voiska and Yordanova ended in a draw after a 76-move game, so that Yordanova secured the trophy with 7/9 points and half a point advance in front of the nearest followers. Yordanova finished undefeated and gained 50 new Elo points to her rating.

WGM Margarita Voiska edged WGM Adriana Nikolova on a superior tie-break score to take the silver.

The youngsters Maria Vasova and Viktoria Radeva had an impressive tournament, finishing fourth and fifth, respectively, with 5,5 points. Vasova increased her rating with 53 Elo points to pass the 2100 barrier and fulfill the necessary conditions for a Woman FIDE Master, while Radeva made the hugest progress, adding 93 Elo points.

Men’s Championship final standings:

1 GM Georgiev Kiril BUL 2596 7,5 (+15,5)
2 GM Cheparinov Ivan BUL 2680 7 (+1,2)
3 GM Spasov Vasil BUL 2553 5,5 (+0,7)
4 GM Rusev Krasimir BUL 2544 5 (-3,3)
5 IM Dimitrov Radoslav BUL 2465 4,5 (+1,7)
6 GM Chatalbashev Boris BUL 2553 4 (-14,3)
7 IM Marholev Dimitar BUL 2309 3,5 (+10,4)
8 GM Arnaudov G. Petar BUL 2465 3,5 (-8,3)
9 Petrov Martin BUL 2270 2,5 (18)
10 Dimov Dian BUL 2340 2 (-16,2)

Women’s Championship final standings:

1 WIM Yordanova Svetla BUL 2101 7 (+50,4)
2 WGM Voiska Margarita BUL 2367 6,5 (-17,6)
3 WGM Nikolova Adriana BUL 2329 6,5 (-11)
4 Vasova Maria BUL 2076 5,5 (+52,8)
5 WCM Radeva Viktoria BUL 1997 5,5 (+91,6)
6 WFM Ivanova Simoneta BUL 2036 4 (+14)
7 Galunova Tsveta BUL 2182 4 (-29,2)
8 WFM Antova Gabriela BUL 2047 2 (-72,4)
9 WFM Andreeva Plamena BUL 2074 2 (-42,8)
10 Shivacheva Donika BUL 1840 2 (+14,4)

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