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GM Ma Qun surprising leader of the Chinese Championship

The Chinese Chess Championships for men and women take place from 16th to 27th April 2013 in Xinghua, Jiangsu, China.

Two rounds were already played and only one player has managed to keep a perfect score, GM Ma Qun.

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He provided the first upset of the tournament when he defeated first seed GM Wang Yue in the first round. The game was a really long struggle that showed high-quality endgame technique by both Grandmasters.

GM Ma Qun

After getting a small strategic advantage in the early middlegame, Wang Yue did not accept a chance to repeat the position on move 40. Instead, he sacrificed a knight to obtain a couple of strong passed pawns, but this proved to be a bad decision. Ma Qun demonstrated the flaw of Wang’s plan masterfully and took the full point on move 82.

The young Chinese followed through his great debut in the event with a quicker win over GM Li Shilong. This time, he took advantage of his opponent’s mistake on move 20. He won the exchange and ended up with a winning material advantage. Li Shilong resigned on move 34.

GM Wang Yue stands at 1/2

In the women’s event, WGM Ding Yixin and WGM Wang Jue are the co-leaders with perfect scores. A long struggle lies ahead as the Chinese female players have proved to be very strong in the latest tournaments.

Standings after 2 rounds – Open Championship:

1 GM Ma Qun 2559 2.0
2 GM Li Chao B 2686 1.5
3 GM Hou Yifan 2617 1.5
4 IM Wei Yi 2530 1.0
GM Bu Xiangzhi 2662 1.0
6 GM Wang Yue 2706 1.0
7 GM Zhao Jun 2589 1.0
8 GM Xiu Deshun 2534 0.5
GM Li Shilong 2558 0.5
GM Zhou Weiqi 2590 0.5
GM Zhou Jianchao 2607 0.5
12 GM Yu Yangyi 2675 0.0

Standings after 2 rounds – Women’s Championship:

1 WGM Ding Yixin 2427 2.0
2 WGM Wang Jue 2401 2.0
3 IM Shen Yang 2397 1.5
4 WGM Guo Qi 2439 1.0
5 WIM Zhai Mo 2259 1.0
6 WGM Zhang Xiaowen 2367 1.0
WIM Ni Shiqun 2213 1.0
8 Ren Xiaoyi 2212 1.0
9 WGM Tan Zhongyi 2483 0.5
Lei Tingjie 2232 0.5
11 WIM Kuang Yinghui 2212 0.5
12 Li Xueyi 2135 0.0

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