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GM Maxime Lagarde triumphs at the 20th Sautron Chess Open

The 20th edition of the Sautron International Chess Open 2022 took place from 3-10 July at the Espace Phelippes Beaulieux. The event attracted nearly 100 entries who fought for the throne of the two sections: A and B. The tournaments were played in 9 swiss rounds, with time control: 90 minutes for 40 moves, plus 30 minutes till the end of the game, with 30 seconds increment per move, starting from the move one.

GM Maxime Lagarde triumphed in the Open A tournament scoring 8/9 points. Two players tied for the second place with 7 points, each, with the tiebreak criteria determining the final places. Mohapatra Sidhant had better Bucholz and claimed silver, while Bala Chan Dhulipalla came third.

Marc Gourier was the sole winner of the B section with 7.5/9 points. Three players tied for the second position, with Dewi Guegueniat winning the silver medal with the best tiebreaks, Antoine Giraud was third and Tushig Ganbat came fourth. (scroll down for final rankings of both sections)

Simultaneously with the 20th Sautron International Chess Open, the Sautron Chess Club set the largest chess piece in the world, unofficially breaking the Guinness record.

GM Maxime Lagarde, Photo from the Djerba Chess Festival 2022

Final rankings – 20th Sautron Chess Open A:

plLast nameRatingPointsTr.Perf
1Maxime LAGARDE2631 F8442739
2SIDHANT Mohapatra2315 F7442389
4BUJISHO Benjamin2300 F432304
5COTTON Melkior2267F412250
6DELORME Alban2318F40½2180
7TRIPOTEAU Nicolas2405F646½2363
8MARCHAIS Antoine2131F6402102
9AFRAOUI Anaelle2136F6392127
10GRATTON Manolo1626F635½1863
11DAVID Bogdan-Emanuel2082F432174
12GRESSER Baptiste1859 F422012
13MARCHIX Esteban1954 F421949
14COLLINET Nicolas1967 F39½1989
15GUECHCHATI Ilyess1590F36½1894
16GONNET Frederic1691F361863
17VASSELIN Louis1629F361813
18GENAND Theo1934 F5401877
19POUPARD Alexandre1889 F538½1846
20GENERAL Thierry1810F536½1844
21FISCHER Arnaud1864F536½1691
23RINEAU Nathan1737F5341731
24TALEC Nolann1602F533½1704
25SACHER Arthur1465F5321705
26BRAULT Gabriel2103 F39½1914
27LUCIDARME Damien1869 F36½1774
28MARTIN Didier1656F361671
29VALLETTA Christian1874F35½1776
30MARSHAL George1695F351631
31PICARD Remi2048F341684
32TALEC Hadrian1681F341671
33AJDENBAUM Julien1471F341667
34LE QUILLEC Corentin1613F33½1739
35JOUAN Hugo1777F32½1574
36ALBERT-ROULHAC Edouard1503F30½1567
37BOUMRAR Ayrad1849F4391724
38CORRAL NEHAMA Leo1523F435½1609
40CLOT Arnaud1463F432½1604
41EUGENE Nathael1820F39½1871
42COUCHET Renaud1622F331511
43GOGUELY Pierre1605F321538
44ROMAGNA Thomas1416F31½1489
45RENAUD Jacques1451F30½1490
46ALLAIRE Ewen1266F30½1453
47FOUQUES Hugo1480F301550
48ROZIER Germain1338F291461
49Patrick LEMERCIER1602F28½1363
50BAUJARD Romain1366F281391
51CHAILLOUX Romuald1269F27½1477
52VERHILLE Gabin1668F25½1420
54GALIMOV Iskandar1434F330½1514
55POUPARD Guillaume1438F327½1333
56THE MENN Bob1407F3231371
57BOUCHENOIRE Maxime1336F30½1446
58PERRIN Cyril1305F271245
59LE GOFF Patrick1457F241197
60COURJAL Pauline1928 F2321786
61PRIMAULT Theo1571F227½1351
62DRY Daniel1515F227½1281
63BOUMRAR Emma1311F2271196
64BEAUFRETON Thierry1344F127856


Final rankings – 20th Sautron Chess Open B:

pl Last nameRatingPointsTr.Perf
1 GOURIER Marc1199E38½1604
2 GUEGUENIAT Dewi1512F7431550
3 GIRAUD Antoine1379F741½1541
4 GANBAT Tushig1186F7351477
5 BOZONNET Bertrand1199E635½1519
6 MARSHAL Philippe1324 F411380
7 PINEAU Mathis1403F39½1330
8 BACQUET Maximilian1259F38½1335
9 Rabhi Basil1217F36½1364
10 Pierre1235F542½1416
11 WOYAVE Pascal1492F539½1354
12 CERCLIER Leo1265F5351271
13 MARCHIX Timeo1072F5321344
14 GAUDIN Roger1343F36½1251
15 LETURC Hubert1312F361256
16 DEVADE-Malo1016F351299
17 DESCAMPS Serge1354F311242
18 LAUDEN Pierre1194F28½1214
19 TALE Erwan1199E436½1186
20 TOPAL Emir1009E4361223
21 LAMBERT Vincent1424F434½1156
22 MODAT Matthew1199E432½1263
23 GARNIER Pierre1281F428½1106
24 GHESTIN Franck1362F37½1181
25 Arthur COLLINS1009E341126
26 MONTAY Jean-Paul1269F30½1114
27 BOLLET Alexandre1199E301073
28 THE FOL Roland1252F27929
29 GASC Stephanie1026F3311060
30 BRODIN Gilles1061F3301028
31 KIYENDE LIBATA Evan1101F3291089
32 BRIAND Edouard1160F231½1174
33 POUPARD Antoine1090N224505


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