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GM Nils Grandelius in Sydsvenskan

GM Nils Grandelius, 18, from Dalby, Sweden, won the U18 European Chess Championship this week. Ellinor Bengtsson performed a quick interview for the Sydsvenskan daily newspaper.

Ellinor Bengtsson: Can I be lucky in chess?

Nils Grandelius: The players have full information so it’s not like the card game, but no one can predict exactly what will happen during the game.

Ellinor Bengtsson: Is there a difference in the game strategy between countries?

Nils Grandelius: Players from the countries of Eastern Europe follow a certain structure, they have all followed the same school and we know roughly what they have learned. We from the western countries are more unpredictable on the board.

Nils Grandelius

GM Nils Grandelius

Ellinor Bengtsson: What kind of player are you?

Nils Grandelius: I am the aggressive type who likes to attack. But during the European Championships I tried to play a little safer.

Ellinor Bengtsson: How to keep up the concentration?

Nils Grandelius: When it’s your opponent’s turn, you can go get coffee and relax. It is usual to start with some quick moves in the opening, and then later think about 15-20 minutes for each. The longest game I’ve played took seven and a half hours.

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