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GM Peter Wells wins the 17th South Wales International Chess Tournament

The 17th edition of the South Wales International Chess Tournament took place from 7-12 July in Bridgend. The event was played in 9 rounds, Swiss system, with participation of 49 players.

GM Peter Wells convincingly won the event scoring 8/9 points, thus pocketing a Winner-prize of 800£. Wells was a full point ahead of the runner-up GM Keith Arkell who claimed silver with 7/9 points. As many as five players tied for the third place scoring 6 points, each, with tiebreak criteria favoring IM Jose Camacho Collados. (scroll down for final rankings)

GM Peter Wells wins 17th South Wales International Open; Photo by: britishchessnews

Final rankings – 17th South Wales International Chess Tournament 2022:

Rk. NameFEDRtgPts. TB1TB2TB3
1GMWells Peter K ENG237980747
2GMArkell Keith C ENG240070552
3IMCamacho Collados Jose WLS241060553
4FMRichardson John R ENG228960551
5IMRudd Jack ENG233160550
6 Murphy Hugh W ENG212560544
7GMMaksimenko Andrei UKR243460450
8CMBullen Alex WLS21065.50543
9WFMSmith Olivia WLS20385.50450
10 Hill Alistair ENG21905.50448
11FMNilsson Joakim SWE22135.50446
12 Menadue Jeremy F S ENG19895.50446
13 Rathbone-Jones Ifan WLS19365.50444
14FMWaddington Mike P ENG20715.50440
15 Brown Thomas WLS219450447
16 Ralphs Nigel WLS196450443
17AGMSkettos Nicolas CYP197250436
18 Fowler Hugo WLS187350346
19 Turner Joseph David WLS186950340
20 Jukes Sam WLS19064.50442
21AGMVan Kemenade Rudy WLS19214.50439
22 Thomas Roy WLS16734.50432
23FMBlackburn Jonathan L B WLS21764.50349
24 Spanton Tim R ENG18894.50343
25 Gibbs Dominic V ENG18734.50341
26 Robinson David WLS18574.50338
27 De Coverly Roger D ENG19144.50240
28 Fathallah Joe WLS19124.50239
29ACMMckenna Joshua WLS165840436
30 Fowler Caspian WLS148340432
31FMDerakhshani Borna ENG238740351
32CMHughes Anthony WLS186540340
33 Gawne Martin ENG172440339
34 Davies Callum WLS040337
35 Khan Mohammed ENG177840328
36 Probert Malcolm WLS157240235
37 Hurn Robert Aj WLS16053.50242
38 Williams Ron WLS15893.50230
39 Dixon Chris WLS16963.50133
40 Jones Jeremy WLS15743.50132
41 Sainbayar Anuurai ENG151230340
42 Farley Harry ENG030134
43 Bridges Paul WLS17542.50238
44 Westcott Dale WLS12502.50037
45 Jones Luke ENG02.50033
46 Harding Gareth WLS180820140
47 Di-Vetta Andrew WLS175410132
48 Emblem Mark WLS143710034
49FMKozusek Daniel WLS232800027
 FMLiu Yi AUS229700027
  Volovich Julia ENG178300027
  Allen Edwin ENG144200027


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