GM Ramesh R.B. – Improve Your Chess Calculation

GM Ramesh R.B. makes his Chessable debut with his hit course: Improve Your Chess Calculation, and he’s ready to transform your calculation abilities.

Ramesh RB helped stars like Praggnanandhaa and Daniel Naroditsky improve at the highest level. He coached a team of Indian teenagers to a bronze medal in their debut Chess Olympiad appearance, ahead of top-seeded countries.And now he’s here to help you improve your most important chess skill of all.

While the former British Champion and world-renowned coaching guru may cater to the stars for his day job, Improve Your Chess Calculation is built for anyone from intermediate level (1400+) all the way to grandmaster level (2500+). That’s because exercises of 5 different levels make up the course, allowing you to choose exercises in your rating bracket…or higher, if you want a challenge!

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Abiding by the mantra “Knowing is not doing”, you’ll also learn how you can adjust your mindset and calculation process to consistently find the best move and see the most critical lines. Areas of focus include:

Correcting common thought process mistakes. You’ll examine 14 common mistakes in the calculation process and learn how to improve them with tips and exercises. Stop yourself from rushing into calculation before generating enough candidate moves, evaluate resulting positions more accurately, and more

Mindset adjustment and psychology. Not only will you examine the mistakes, you’ll also look into the psychological origins for them – and how you can change your mindset accordingly

Building fundamental skills. Visualization, pattern recognition, generation of candidate moves – learn how all these fundamentals fit into the calculation process and how to improve each

Managing your time. With practicality at heart, GM Ramesh challenges you not only to find the moves, but do so in an appropriate amount of time. That’s why suggested solving times are included with the exercises

And more. The exercises will be challenging, but no pain, no gain!

But you also have GM Ramesh himself backing you up with 18,5 hours of exquisite video walkthroughs. With some exercises including even dozens of variations, his visual explanations make an invaluable add-on to this course.

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