GM Vasili Yemelin claims 5th ShakkiNet Tournament

IM Agopov, GM Yemelin, FM Ebeling

IM Agopov, GM Yemelin, FM Ebeling

The 5th edition of ShakkiNet Chess Tournament was held from 9th to 17th June, 2014 in Helsinki, the capital and largest city in Finland.

GM Vasily Yemelin (Russia) emerged a clear winner, finishing with 7,5/9 point, half a point ahead of the runner-up Ebeling.

Local FM Daniel Ebeling collected 7/9 points and fulfilled not only an IM norm, but also a GM norm.  This is Ebeling’s last IM norm, thus the Finnish is expecting a title confirmation soon.

IM Mikael Agopov remained third with 6/9 points.

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Final Standings:

1. GM Yemelin Vasily – 7,5
2. FM Ebeling Daniel – 7
3. IM Agopov Mikael – 6
4. GM Kanep Meelis – 5,5
5. FM Luukkonen Tommi – 4
6. IM Norri Joose – 4
7. FM Kokkila Tero – 3,5
8. GM Solozhenkin Evgeniy – 3
9. IM Kiik Kalle – 2,5
10. FM Järvenpää Jari – 2

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