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GoldChess – the new way of chess

bannerMany are already acquainted with GoldChess. For those of you who have not seen it yet, it is new global chess site that invites the world chess community to a unique tournament divided into two sections: professional and amateur. The tournament especially recognizes the Russian and American players through its name: Rosija-America Tournament, with Chess Department Rosija and Chess Department America competing with each other. A $30 entry fee gives the participants a chance to compete for the prize pool of $50.000. It is an open tournament welcoming chess players from all over the world, who may also want to take part in other games offered on our site.

Goldchess is a “new way of chess.” The players compete without having to leave their houses. Goldchess is composed of tournaments and games in which one starts from a given position and plays against the CEEC engine, which represents the level of an 1800 FIDE player. Finally, Goldchess is a version of chess in which amateur players do not have smaller chances than professional players at succeeding at the game; in fact, they may even have higher chances.

The site’s idea is brand new in that it offers products one cannot find anywhere else. We have a contest for the most beautiful game in the world (Beauty Contest – everybody is welcome to submit their games), with prizes of $1000 for the best game of the month and $10.000 for game of the year, chosen from among the 12 monthly games; a monthly Genius Test, with prizes of I-$100, II-$50, III-$25, as well as a weekly free of charge Gold0 game with prizes of $50.

As a result GoldChess is not competing with other chess sites; on the contrary, we are open for cooperation with other chess sites, for mutual benefits, and for the common good of global chess and chess players all around the world.

Apart from the Rosija-America Tournament, it also offer the Independent Chess Department Tournament, with a prize pool of $25.000. In this tournament, the objective is to solve the given tasks faster than the remaining players. The tasks may be downloaded at any time convenient for the participants.

There is much more in GoldChess – news articles, films and coverages. Everybody will find something they like.

Visit the official website of GoldChess

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