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Gordievsky and Gritsayeva win Moscow Open 2017

Dmitry Gordievsky (Moscow) and Oksana Gritsayeva (Feodosia) became the winners of the XIII International RSSU Cup, 2017 Moscow Open, which was held in Moscow from January 26 to February 6, 2017.

Gordievsky shared the first place with Vladislav Artemiev (Kazan), as both grandmasters scored 7.5 points. Higher tie-breaks were better for the chess player from Moscow, which allowed him to take the gold medal.

Dmitry Gordievsky

Dmitry Gordievsky

The third place was shared between Boris Grachev (Moscow), Denis Khismatullin (Neftekamsk), Gata Kamsky (USA), Maksat Atabayev (Turkmenia) and Evgeny Levin (St. Petersburg), but thanks to better tie-breaks, Grachev took the bronze.

The 2017 Moscow Open Men’s Cup Of Russia gathered 221 chess players from 16 countries, who were competing for the victory.

In the Women’s Cup of Russia Grandmaster Oksana Gritsayeva triumphed with an impressive score – 8.5 points out of 9 games! Second place went to Alina Kashlinskaya (Moscow), who was the only one to draw with Gritsayeva. Dina Belenkaya (St. Petersburg) came third with 7 points.

Oksana Gritsayeva

Oksana Gritsayeva

This year the RSSU Men’s Veteran Cup gathered more than 170 participants. According to the final results the Grandmaster Evgeny Sveshnikov (Chelyabinsk) and the International Master Alexander Filipenko (Izhevsk) scored 7.5 points, but Sveshnikov won a gold medal thanks to better tie-breaks.

Galina Strutinskaia (Moscow) triumphed at the RSSU Women‟s Veteran Cup with 8.5/9. Elena Sazonova (Tyumen) came second with 6.5 point, while Ludmila Saunina (Sverdlov region), Elena Fatalitbekova and Elena Krasenkova (both from Moscow) tied for the third place with 6 points. Thanks to the tie-breaks Saunina became the bronze medalist.

18-year old Sergey Tunik (Kemerov region) became the winner of the RSSU Amateur Chess Cup, finishing the tournament with 8 of 9 points.

The RSSU Blind and Visually Impaired Fast Chess Cup finished with the victory of international grandmaster Yury Meshkov (Smolensk), who scored 7.5 points.

Moscow Open closing ceremony

World Chess Champion Challenger, RSSU graduator Sergey Karyakin took part in the Award Ceremony of the winners and medalists of the School Champions’ and Student tournaments, held within the frames of the XIII International RSSU Chess Cup, 2017 Moscow Open.

Play chess – it‟s great!”, Sergey wished to the audience.

The Award Ceremony of winners and medalists of the RSSU Chess Cup, 2017 Moscow Open was held on Sunday evening, February 5 in the assembly hall of the RSSU main building. The Russian State Social University Rector Mrs. Natalya Borisovna Pochinok, the Russian Blind Sports Federation President and the International Blind Sports Federation member Mrs. Lidia Pavlovna Abramova, the Moscow Chess Federation first Vice-President Mr. Nikita Vladimirovich Kim and the sports society Lokomotiv Chairman Mr. Ilya Andreevich Vdovin came to congratulate participants of the competitions.

In conclusion Natalya Borisovna once again thanked everybody for the participation in the festival and announced the XIII RSSU Cup, 2017 Moscow Open closed.

Photos by Galina Popova

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