Greek Team Chess Championship 2015

The Greek Team Chess Championship will take place from July 3-8, 2015 in Patras, Greece.

The championship, that dates back to 1951, will be held for the 43th time this year. Last year’s winners “PS Peristeriou” will try to defend their title against the 33 strongest teams from all over the country.

The event is a 7-round Swiss tournament where each team lines 10 members, including 4 “open”, 1 female and 5 junior (boys and girls) chess players.

PS Peristeriou

PS Peristeriou

There are 340 players in total (not counting the substitutes), with 29 GMs, 20 IMs, 23 FMs, 8 WGMs, 9 WIMs and 2 WFMs among them.

The guest stars of the championship are without doubt the non-Greek professional players that have joined the 34 teams: GM D.Navara (no. 14 in the May 2015 FIDE world rankings), GM P.Harikrishna, GM A. Istratescu, GM E.Postny, GM C.Lupulescu, GM R.Kempinski, GM S.Ganguly, IM E.Paetz, WGM J.Zawadzka, WGM M.Ohme, WGM M.Voiska among others.

The top Greek chess players will also be participating in the tournament this year, including Greek national team members: GM G.Papaioannou, GM V.Kotronias, GM H.Banikas, GM D.Mastrovasilis, GM G. Nikolaidis, GM Th.Mastrovasilis, S.Halkias ,WGM A.M Botsari, WGM M.Makropoulou, WIM K.Pavlidou, WIM S.Tsolakidou.

David Navara

David Navara

The team championship is the last among the three Greek national tournaments that will be taking place between June 26 and July 8, 2015 in Patras, the other two being the National Individual Junior Chess Championships and the National Team Cup.

You can watch all the games LIVE and view photos from the tournaments in the following links:

http://aethniki15.chessdom.com/wp/ (Official website for Greek Team Chess Championship)

http://neanika15.chessdom.com/wp/ (Official website for Greek National Individual Junior Chess Championships)

http://finaleight15.chessdom.com/wp/ (Official website for Greek Team Cup)



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