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15-year-old Gukesh wins the third title in a row

15-year-old Indian grandmaster Gukesh D today clinched the third title in a row as he won the 1st Chessable Sunway Formentera Chess Festival 2022, right after he was victorious at the 1st Menorca Chess Open 2022 and the 48th La Roda Open 2022.

With impressive 8/10 points at Formentera Chess Festival, Gukesh managed to be unbeaten in the last three tournaments, with the total score of 22/26 points. After the Menorca Open, Gukesh had the live rating of 2660, leaping to the 80th position on the world live rating list, thus becoming the youngest Indian to break into World Top 100 in the live ratings. Gukesh now holds the 64th position on the world live rating list, with the live rating of 2674.6.
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Satisfied with the results made in Spain, Gukesh joked on his twitter account that we should start a petition to keep all major events in Spain only. Later this year, he will play the second board for the Indian B team at the 44th Chess Olympiad 2022 in Chennai. Read more: India teams for Chess Olympiad 2022 announced

The 1st Chessable Sunway Formentera Chess Festival took place from April 29 to May 8 with a total prize fund of 20.500 euros and a wide range of events. The main events were Open tournaments: A and B, being played in 10 rounds, swiss system. 51 players from 20 countries competed in the A tournament, including 33 titled players. Replay all the games here

Final rankings – 1st Chessable Sunway Formentera Chess Open 2022:

Rk. NameFEDRtgPts. TB1TB2TB3
1GMGukesh Dommaraju IND26378576248.3
2GMSantos Latasa Jaime ESP26567.5586346
3GMSargsyan Shant ARM26397.5586244.8
4GMMartirosyan Haik M. ARM26337576241
5IMSoham Das IND23037515538
6GMCuenca Jimenez Jose Fernando ESP25586.5586236.5
7GMSantos Ruiz Miguel ESP25976.5576237
8GMJarmula Lukasz POL24346.5535733.5
9IMSong Julien FRA23736.5515431
10GMRomanishin Oleg M UKR24156.5505432
11GMBatsiashvili Nino GEO24636566133.3
12IMYankelevich Lev GER24686505428.5
13FMEugene Floryan FRA23756495330.8
14IMChiku-Ratte Olivier-Kenta CAN23646475027.8
15GMSasikiran Krishnan IND26505.5596432.3
16FMPapadiamandis Elliot FRA23855.5535628.8
17FMReal Thibault BEL22525.5535526.5
18GMNarciso Dublan Marc ESP24775.5505527.5
19IMBergez Luc FRA23315.5465024.5
20 Lever Erwan FRA22395.5444722.3
21WFMVanduyfhuys Daria BEL20805.5444721.8
22WIMAlinasab Mobina IRI23555535724
23IMVrolijk Liam NED24745515525.3
24 Dukic Zachary CAN22265505423.8
25FMNeiman Emmanuel FRA22485495322.8
26 Bernard Jacques FRA21225485222.8
27 Grutter Tim NED22465454821.8
28WGMTsatsalashvili Keti GEO23314.5515521.8
29IMGarcia Martin Marta ESP22994.5515318
30FMMouhamad Joachim FRA22974.5495217.3
31FMChkhaidze Nikoloz GEO23014.5475017.3
32 Prodhomme Boris FRA20454.5464818.3
33WFMBuiza Prieto Eihartze ESP20454.5444719
34WFMGalvan Cipriani Viviana ESP19374.5424517.5
35 Ribeiro Jose POR20764.5404216
36FMPark Evan USA23974465017.5
37 Aledo Yanguas David ESP19264434414.5
38 Buivys Martynas LTU18064424516.5
39 Fox Anthony IRL19364424516.5
40WIMKovacs Klara HUN21174424514.5
41 Cafolla Peter IRL19484414416.5
42 Perkampus Laurin GER20614414414
43 Liessens Tom BEL18364414313.8
44CMHashem Khaled KUW18384373911.5
45 Munoz Suarez Luis Alberto ESP19053.5505316.3
46 Shamir Shahar ISR03.5394213.3
47FMAl-Hajiri Bader KUW20463.538409
48 Follana Albelda Lucia ESP18983434510.5
49 Fabregas Oliver GER1935337398.5
50 Liekens Ronny BEL1740333357.25
51 Parker Keith ENG18152.536386.75
52 Angola Canchimbo Elmer ESP1508037390
53FMLouis Thibault FRA2181032330
  Fallah Mohammad Mahdi IRI0032330

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