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Hong Kong National Championship & Olympiad Selection concluded

The 2022 Hong Kong National Chess Championships in Men’s and Women’s sections took place over the weekends from April 1st – June 6th at Smithfield Sports Centre. The best three players of each competition secured their spots in the Hong Kong National Teams for the 44th Chess Olympiad in Chennai.

Lut Yin Luke Lau won the Open event with a convincing score of 9.5/11 points, clinching the title of Hong Kong National Chess Champion. FM Daniel King Wai Lam was second with 9 points, while four players tied for the third place and the last seat for the Olympiad Team, scoring 7.5 points, each. Yipeng Wen had the best tiebreaks and claimed bronze medal, earning the ticket for Chennai. (scroll down for final standings)

The Honk Kong Chess Federation reported an incident in the last round which happened in the game between the top seed of the event Yu Dong Michael Deng and Daniel King Wai Lam, whose direct encounter happened to be determining the third player to join the National Team. “The game was full of incidents where both sides were penalised for various infringements. Towards the end of this heated game, both players had accumulated 2 offenses and the situation was dire. The last incident of this game was an improper draw offer made by Michael Deng and the arbiter was called upon to make a decision. Due to the three strikes rule that the arbiters follow, Michael Deng was forfeited and the game finished in Daniel’s favour.” stated Hong Kong Chess Federation in the official press release. After Yu Dong Michael Deng appealed the arbiter’s decision, the chief arbiter of the event changed the result to a draw.

The Women’s event was played in 6 rounds, with WCM Joy Ching Li winning the event with perfect score 6/6 points. She was 2.5 points ahead of the group of five players who scored 3.5 points and tied for the second place and two left available spots for the Olympiad Team. Ka Yan Lam and Hoi Ting Leung had the best tiebreaks and won silver and bronze medals, respectively, together with the tickets to Chennai. (scroll down for final rankings)

Hong Kong Chess Federation will organize the training camp for the Olympiad players with GM Arkadij Naiditsch. The camp will take place from June 21st – July 3rd.
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Final standings – Hong Kong National Chess Championship 2022:

Rk. NamesexFEDRtgIPts. TB1TB2TB3
1 Lau Lut Yin Luke  HKG19919.50494
2FMLam Daniel King Wai  HKG211790463
3 Wen Yipeng  HKG07.50474
4 Nissinen Niilo Man  HKG16437.50473
5CMPang Yui Kuen  HKG20157.50462
6FMLuk Luen-Wah  HKG18237.50454
7CMDeng Yu Dong Michael  HKG213870504
8 Kwong Wing Ki  HKG187670442
9 Au Chung Hei  HKG120670413
10FMWong Ho Cheung  HKG20626.50523
11 Kannappan Thanneermalai  HKG15696.50513
12 Cheng Justin Hong-Chen  HKG16236.50493
13 Masters Christopher  HKG18756.50492
14 Garceran Nieuwenburg David  HKG16846.50471
15 Chong Chor Yuen  HKG17856.50433
16FMHo In Hei Henry  HKG17396.50423
17 Cheung Hei Ming  HKG060403
18 Leung Shun Him  HKG109460383
19 Chan Wang Ip Boris  HKG13115.50452
20WCMLi Joy Ching wHKG13225.50443
21 Chan Pui Yin Brandon  HKG05.50434
22 Tang Tsz Sang  HKG16955.50431
23 Tai Tak Yu  HKG130950432
24AFMLam Chun Yung Samuel  HKG139550421
25 Chiu David Zion  HKG050411
26 Hui Ka Wai  HKG050362
27 Cheng Melson Chi Chee  HKG050352
28AGMTsang Lok Ching  HKG12754.50432
29 Lee Wing Kin  HKG12144.50381
30 Lau Wai Hei  HKG04.50361
31 Chan Wai Hin Ryan  HKG04.50340
32 Guo Bo Kai Owen  HKG122240432
33 Yu Andrew James  HKG040391
34AFMMahadevan Aravind  HKG127640360
35 Wong Kainos  HKG03.50370
36 Su Bo Ruei  HKG03.50350
37 Lee Chu Yuan Felix  HKG03.50310
38 Li Yiheng  HKG030431
39 Liu Yeli  HKG030421
40 Liu Ho Yin  HKG146630401
41 Chiu Silas Nathaniel  HKG030350
42 Chu Tsz Wai  HKG030333
43 Cheng Hok Fai  HKG02.50310
44 Koon Ho Ching  HKG020340
45 Wun Yiu Sing  HKG010351
46 Siu Kam Wa  HKG010350
47 Lee Matthew Yin Hang  HKG154410340
  Bhatewara Shaunak  HKG010340
49 Han Xuqian Ben  HKG161210331
50FMDew Brian  HKG200210331
51 Borigas Edgardo  HKG175210330
52 Au Matthew  HKG159810310
53 Lai Cyrus Ho-Yeung  HKG19220.50320
  Tong Ka Yau Caspar  HKG00.50320
55 Cheng Kei Tsi Daniel  HKG127500280
  Liu Zi Kei Zachary  HKG125600280
  Chan Pok Hei  HKG125100280
  Kwok Hiu Nok Taylor  HKG000280
59 Lee Michael Man Kit  HKG000280
60CMChan Chak Man  HKG188000280
61 Chong Fu Wa  HKG000270
62 Mushtaq Atif  HKG000270


Final standings – Hong Kong Women’s National Chess Championship 2022:

Rk. NameFEDRtgIPts. TB1TB2TB3TB4
1WCMLi Joy Ching HKG12546017321
2 Lam Ka Yan HKG12343.5020113
3 Leung Hoi Ting HKG12863.5019113
4WCMAnandpara Jayendra Saloni HKG13873.5019113
5 Lo Sze Yin Stephanie HKG03.5017212
6 Eaton Florence Fai Cheung HKG13283.5014010
7 Fan Wen Xi HKG03019111
8 Bu Zhiming HKG02.501709
9 Cheung Man Ki Mika HKG0101714
10 Chan Hau Yee HKG0001900

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