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Houdini and Critter in battle for 1st position a round before the end of TCEC Stage 1a

tcec chessStage 1a of the world’s strongest computer chess championship TCEC is coming to the final games. A round before the end sole leader is Houdini 4 with 8,5/10, closely followed by Critter 1,6a with 8,0/10. The two engines will both have black in the final round – Houdini vs Equinox and Critter vs Cheng4 – in a decisive run for the first position of the group.

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A total of five engines will secure qualification for the next stage. Gull and Hannibal share the third position with 7,0/10 and have a direct match in the final round, wich makes their qualification guaranteed at least on a better tiebreak. Equinox and Texel, both with 6,5/10 at 5th postion, will decide the last direct qualifier.

Watch the final sprint of TCEC Stage 1a at the official website

Immediately after Stage 1a starts Stage 1b, where top engines are Stockfish, Naum, Toga, Shredder, etc, followed by Stage 1c with Komodo, Junior, Rybka.

More about TCEC rules here and at the official website (menu “help”).

Stage 1a standings after round 10

Position Engine ELO
1 Houdini 3183 8.5
2 Critter 1.6a 3077 8
3 Hannibal 1.4b 2938 7
4 Gull 2.8b 3080 7
5 Texel 1 2839 6.5
6 Equinox 2 2962 6.5
7 Cheng4 0.36c 2741 5.5
8 Onno 1 2819 3.5
9 Gaviota 0.99b 2756 3
10 Redqueen 1 2036 2
11 Arminius 2390 1.5
12 Delphil 3 2419 1

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