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Houdini and Komodo share the lead at TCEC Stage 3


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Houdini and Komodo are sharing the lead at Stage 3 of the world’s strongest computer chess championship TCEC. Houdini, playing with a dev version stronger than H3 pro, and Komodo, the champion of Stage 2, have collected 4,5/7.

They are closely followed by the winner of Stage 1 Bouquet, and the many times finalist Rybka with 4,0/7. in the group with 3,5/7 are Critter 1.6a, Hiarcs, and two engines playing with updated versions – the new Naum 4.6 and Gull 2.3.

The surprise so far is the low performance of Stockfish 4. It is trailing with 2,5/7 at 9th position. The last place is for the only engine under 3000 ELO – Junior with 1,5/7.

About Stage 3

Stage 3 consists of the 10 engines that qualified from Stage 2. The format for Stage 3 is a double round robin and the openings are chosen per pair so that each engine will play both sides of the same opening against each other. The top 6 will move on to Stage 4 while the rest is out of nTCEC for the current Season. 90 games are played in Stage 3. To spice up things even more, the tireless tournament director Martin Thoresen has decided that Stage 3 will be thematic – the openings used by the engines will be taken from Candidates 2013, Sinqfield Cup, and King’s Tournament !

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Engine ELO Points
1 Houdini 3118 4.5
2 Komodo 3104 4.5
3 Bouquet 1.8b 3069 4
4 Rybka 3079 4
5 Critter 1.6a 3063 3.5
6 Naum 4.6 2980 3.5
7 Gull 2.3 3058 3.5
8 Hiarcs 3002 3.5
9 Stockfish 3104 2.5
10 Junior 2915 1.5

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