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“How to feed a champion?” by Maya Gelfand

What is in common between chess and food? Nothing, at first glance. But in the new book called “How to feed a champion?” Maya Gelfand managed to combine the incompatible ideas.

“How to feed a champion?” is the title of the new cook book by Maya, the wife of renowned chess player Boris Gelfand.

30 short stories about his life, career, family and 30 meals connected to the themes. There is a lot of colorful, amusing and very appetizing illustrations.

How to feed a Champion

A sandy paste cake with green apples and Swiss meringue; fish, baked wholly in salt; grilled veal ribs; black currants and apple jam… And that’s not all the recipes invented by the author.

The chapter “What is chess?” followed by the detailed black and white menu; the part called “The father” completed by the dishes from the traditional Yidish cuisine. And the story “The Jewish Lion against the Tiger from Madras” continues with the special “lion’s” meal.

Events from the private life of Boris, his first teachers, childhood, difficult and anecdote cases from his career, that was crowned by the World Chess Championship Match against Vishwanathan Anand.

Maya Gelfand

“For me life is similar to kitchen”, Maya tells. “In order to prepare a worthy dish, the one should to soil his hands, to sweat, to get burned. And he is never sure that this time the rice comes out as crumble as two weeks ago and the soup will be enough salted. In the kitchen, as in the life, the one should work hard every day and to start all the time from the beginning. The difference is that the one doesn’t have the life recipes written in the book”.

The book “How to feed a Champion” is published in Hebrew and is selling in all the Israeli bookstores.

If you would like to get a book “How to feed a Champion?” with Maya’ autograph, please contact:



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