Howell and Hawkins share first place in British Championship 2014

David Howell

GM David Howell

The British Individual Chess Championship 2014 took place from 19-30th July at the Aberystwyth University, Penglais Campus, in Aberystwyth, Ceredigion.

The event was an 11-round Swiss Open, including 59 participants.

GM David Howell and IM Jonathan Hawkins share first place on 8,5 points each.

Third place was shared in a six-way tie by GM Nicholas Pert, GM Mark Hebden, GM John Emms, GM Keith Arkel, IM Richard Pert and Ravi Haria on 7,5/11 points each.

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Top standings after 11 rounds:

1-2 GM Howell David W L 4NCL Wood Green 8.5 ENG M 2650
1-2 IM Hawkins, Jonathan Consett 8.5 ENG M 2516 2621
3 GM Pert, Nicholas Sandhurst 7.5 ENG M 2564
4 GM Hebden, Mark L 4NCL Guildford 7.5 ENG M 2554
5 GM Emms, John M 4NCL Wood Green 7.5 ENG M 2456
6 GM Arkell, Keith C Stourbridge 7.5 ENG M 2433
7 IM Pert, Richard G Wood Green 7.5 ENG M 2430
8 Haria, Ravi Haberdashers 7.5 ENG M 2202
9 IM Fernandez, Daniel Howard 7.0 SIN M 2396
10 FM Storey, Charles H Jesmond 7.0 ENG M 2241
11 IM Zhou, Yang-Fan 4NCL Guildford 6.5 ENG M 2475
12 GM Williams, Simon K Drunken Knights 6.5 ENG M 2462
13 GM Ward, Chris G 4NCL Wood Green 6.5 ENG M 2422
14 FM Tan, Justin Woodbridge Scho 6.5 AUS M 2375
15 FM Jackson, James P ChessMates 6.5 ENG M 2320
16 Harvey, Marcus R Witney 6.5 ENG M 2287
17 FM Lewis, Andrew P Ilford 6.5 ENG M 2286
18 Kett, Tim North Cardiff 6.5 WLS M 2270
19 Fernandez, Michael Marple 6.5 ENG M 2029 etc

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