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Huge! GM Kiril Georgiev releases his knowledge on Berlin vs Ruy Lopez

Berlin 1The former top 10 player who has countless tournament victories and has defeated 8 World Champions in classical, rapid and blitz chess – GM Kiril Georgiev – has released his knowledge on the Berlin vs Ruy Lopez.

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About Berlin vs Ruy Lopez by GM Kiril Georgiev

The Berlin Variation is by far the most popular top-level player’s weapon against Ruy Lopez. Nevertheless, the vast majority of chess fans are not familiar with the subtleties of the arising positions. In his newest opening project, GM Kiril Georgiev builds a complete Berlin-based repertoire against Ruy Lopez. He covers this extremely topical opening in two databases.

The first database features the famous Berlin Endgame. In his analysis, GM Kiril Georgiev provides us with a new conceptual framework of this endgame. This database contains everything we need when studying an opening – detailed explanations, an original choice of lines and plenty of novelties.

The second database deals with White’s deviations from the Berlin Endgame. Being renowned for his positional understanding, GM Georgiev explains how to handle every single pawn structure. In this way, it’s much easier for the reader to approach the concrete lines.

Note that all the new ideas which were played at the FIDE Candidates are also covered in the databases.

Part 1 release date: Monday, March 28th
Part 2 release date: Monday, April 4th

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Berlin by GM Kiril Georgiev

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