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Incorrect claim of the threefold repetition saved Norway from a loss to Mongolia

The fourth round of the 2022 Chess Olympiad saw many upsets. One of them was Norway drawing against Mongolia as the match finished with the result of 2-2. However, the Mongolian team had a victory in the pocket as it turned out that Aryan Tari incorrectly claimed a threefold repetition against Bayarsaikhan Gundavaa.

The Mongolian grandmaster had a completely winning position against Tari, but started repeating checks facing the time trouble. Tari’s draw claim was accepted by the arbiter, but it happened to be a mistake that finished with the Mongolian team appealing to the arbiter’s decision. The position wasn’t repeated three times, but only twice, and it seems that none of the players realized that during the game. Despite the arbiter’s mistake, the result of the match wasn’t changed after the appeal.

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Arbiter’s intervention as GM Eric Hansen loses on time against GM Anish Giri on move 40

Photo of the position after move 38…Ke8 (see the photo below) clearly differs from the position appearing after move 40…Ke7 and 42…Ke7, as in the first case White’s Queen wasn’t checking from the h6 square, but it was placed on the g7 square. Replay the game below

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GM Peter Leko and GM Peter Svidler reacted to arbiter’s mistake during the live broadcast (see the video below):
Round 6 Chess Olympiad LIVE – with GM Peter Svidler and GM Peter Leko

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