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International Chess Tournament Negroponte 2012 (Postponed)

Update, 25th July: The Chalkida Chess Academy is forced to postpone the staging of the “Negroponte 2012” tournament from its original dates of August 9th-17th. All entry fees will be reimbursed and the invited players will get refund for any cancellation fees for their tickets, after receiving the appropriate papers and receipts. Further information on this procedure will be shortly provided on the tournament website,

The Chess Academy of Chalkida “Palamedes of Evia” has the pleasure to invite you to the “Negroponte 2012” International Tournament that will take place from 9th till 17th of August 2012 at the beautiful city of Chalkida in Greece.

The tournament will be an Open 9-round Swiss event with a total prize fund of 10.000 Euros. First prize is 3.000 EUR, with special prizes for women, juniors, best performance minus rating, etc. to be awarded.

Players list bellow. Update: GM Suat Atalik withdraws from the tournament, letter bellow.

The playing venue will be at the Best Western Lucy Hotel, in the most prime location of the city, just by the sea and the famous promenade and among all of the city’s sites of interest.

Restaurants, traditional tavernas, bars and shops can be found within walking distance contributing to experiencing the utmost of this wonderful city.



Chalkida (named as Negroponte (i.e. Black Bridge) in the Venetian era) is situated in Evia (70 kms from Athens) and is worldwide famous for the tidal phenomenon of the Evripos Channel with the flow direction of the sea currents in the channel changing every six hours!

The tidal phenomenon has provoked the admiration and interest of humans from ancient times, not only from an astronomical and geophysical perspective but also from a philosophical one. The mystery and beauty of this phenomenon captivates the visitor, as its combination with the imprint of the channel creates a remarkable panorama.

The city of Chalkida is an ideal place to combine chess with quality vacations. Chalkida, and Evia in general, offer all kind of recreation activities and the visitor can enjoy the beautiful beaches and countryside in the heart of the Greek summer.

After the successful organization of “Acropolis 2009” and of “Negroponte 2010” the Chess Academy of Chalkida is ready to offer to all participants a high quality chess tournament and awaits all chessplayers in Chalkida!

Best Western Lucy Hotel

Best Western Lucy Hotel


Lucy Hotel is located at the coast of Chalkida, in the larger area of Euripus, and has been attracting distinguished guests for over half a century. Politicians, royals, artists and other prominent personalities from Greece and abroad have been accommodated at the hotel, contributing to its unique reputation throughout the years.

Today, Lucy Hotel – completely renovated but maintaining its distinctive style – hosts conferences and international events of the highest calibre.

Prices per night:

– Single Room: Half Board (breakfast and 1 meal) 80,00€ per person / Full Board (breakfast and 2 meals) 85,00€ per person.
– Double Room: Half Board (breakfast and 1 meal) 51,00€ per person / Full Board (breakfast and 2 meals) 56,00€ per person.
– Triple Room: Half Board (breakfast and 1 meal) 43,00€ per person / Full Board (breakfast and 2 meals) 48,00€ per person.
– Apartment (4 persons): Half Board (breakfast and 1 meal) 41,00€ per person / Full Board (breakfast and 2 meals) 46,00€ per person.
– Apartment (5 persons): Half Board (breakfast and 1 meal) 35,00€ per person / Full Board (breakfast and 2 meals) 40,00€ per person.

For room reservations you may contact with the Hotel desktop at:
Best Western Lucy Hotel
Voudouri Str 10, 34100, Chalkida , 34100 Greece
Τ: +30 22210-23831 F: +30 22210-22051

Best Western Lucy Hotel

GM Suat Atalik was the convincing winner of the Negroponte Open 2010. 204 players from 29 countries competed, among them were 40 Grandmasters and 17 International Masters.

Full Regulations

Contact info:
Mr. George Tsounis (Tournament Director)
Tel: +3022210 85735, +3022210 85736, +306932 274274,
Fax: +3022210 85737

The official website of the tournament at:

For information about the “Best Western Lucy Hotel” visit:

Best Regards,
On behalf of Chess Academy of Chalkida
George Tsounis

Dear Sirs,
by this letter I would like to inform you about my withdrawal from the coming Negroponte Open 2012. I have come up with this important decision especially not to make trouble for the organisers and the organisation since I have seen in Greek Chess media serious threat to the organisation by the GCF. If I would have played, GCF would try not to make tournament considered for ELO calculations and deprive the organisers from digital boards and clocks.

I, as a respectful person for the laws, rules and regulations, claim by this letter that I will continue to search for the justice about the issue in such a way it will not hurt the strongest ever open and its respected organisers. That I also mention by this letter that despite of not playing the event I will be present in the opening ceremony and the first round of Negroponte 2012 to support Mr.Tsounis and all the humble personalia involved with the tournament.

With respect
GM Suat Atalik

Pre-registered players:

1. GM Iordachescu Viorel MDA 2614
2. GM Atalik Suat TUR 2608
3. GM Papaioannou Ioannis GRE 2597
4. GM Shanava Konstantine GEO 2589
5. GM Burmakin Vladimir RUS 2586
6. GM Nikolaidis Ioannis GRE 2557
7. GM Adhiban B IND 2555
8. GM Sethuraman S P IND 2546
9. GM Mastrovasilis Athanasios GRE 2537
10. GM Stefanova Antoaneta BUL 2518
11. IM Atalik Ekaterina TUR 2474
12. IM Ashwin Jayaram IND 2471
13. IM Perunovic Miodrag SRB 2461
14. IM Akshayraj Kore IND 2454
15. IM Vishnu Prasanna V IND 2431
16. GM Georgiev Krum BUL 2421
17. Ankit R Rajpara IND 2412
18. WGM Soumya Swaminathan IND 2347
19. Kourousis Epaminondas GRE 2324
20. IM Borsuk Angela ISR 2266
21. WGM Aginian Nelly ARM 2254
22. FM Vragoteris Antonios GRE 2247
23. Urosevic Goran SRB 2237
24. Skaperdas Kostantinos GRE 2210
25. Papadimitriou Loukas GRE 2143
26. WGM Partac Elena MDA 2129
27. WFM Gevorgyan Maria ARM 2088
28. Rigopoulos-Tsigkos Alexandros GRE 2076
29. Megalios Konstantinos GRE 2073
30. WFM Raghavi N IND 2042
31. Papadopoulos Panayotis GRE 2015
32. Koerant Filipos GRE 2003
33. Makryniotis Konstantinos GRE 1914
34. Tsiros Fragkiskos Vlasios GRE 1864
35. Tsounis Serafim GRE 1821
36. Nolas Tasos GRE 1809
37. Papakonstantinou Dimitrios GRE 1804
38. Kouroumbas Kosmas GRE 1755
39. Stamatopoulos Apostolos GRE 1733
40. Agorastoudis-Vlahos Ioakim GRE 1726
41. Tomaras Nikolaos GRE 1636
42. Holis Hristos GRE 1605
43. Muller Marcin POL 1578
44. Oikonomou Panagiotis Ch GRE 1536
45. Oikonomou Nikolaos Ch GRE 1491
46. Agorastoudi-Vlahou Fotini GRE 1480
47. Tsiros Nikolaos GRE 1372
48. Papakonstantinou Georgios GRE 1330
49. Megalios Ioannis GRE 1324
50. Doukas Antonios GRE 1214
51. Ismiroglou Vasiliki GRE 1195

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