International Integration Chess Tournament With Disabled Players “Vilnius Open 2011”

International Chess Tournament “Vilnius Open 2011” will be held from Saturday 19th November until Monday 27th November in Vilnius, Lithuania, “Panorama” hotel, Sodų g. 14.

Participants and Regulation

Lithuanian and foreign chess players – persons with and without disability are invited to participate in an open chess tournament registered FIDE. Tournament is open for chess players with disabilities (vision, hearing, mobility) without any restrictions and for chess players without disabilities rated less than 2300 ELO FIDE on the 1st of November, 2011 rating list and non having FIDE titles of GM (Grandmaster), IM (International Master) or FM (FIDE Master).

Individual chess tournament will be played according to the FIDE Laws of Chess in Swiss system of 9 rounds, with time control of 90 minutes with an addition of 30 seconds per move to starting from move one.


Prize Fund

The total prize fund of the tournament – 12 000 litas (1 euro – 3,45 litas) is guaranteed if there are more then 70 players participating in the tournament and additional prize is guaranteed – if more 10.

Main prizes
Position – Prize
I – 2500 LTL + Cup
II – 1800 LTL
III – 1400 LTL
IV – 1000 LTL
V – 800 LTL
VI – 600 LTL
VII – 500 LTL
VIII – 400 LTL
IX – 300 LTL
X – 200 LTL

Additional prizes for the best results in groups
Group – I position in the group – II position in the group
Women – 300 LTL – 200 LTL
Junior (until 18 ) – 300 LTL – 200 LTL
Seniors (over 60) – 300 LTL – 200 LTL
Disabled Players – 300 LTL – 200 LTL
Players without FIDE ranking – 300 LTL – 200 LTL

Participants will be ranked and awarded based on their individual scores; in case of a tie of two or more participants the awarding of prizes will be determined using the following tiebreak system:
1. The Buchholz Tie – break (the Buchholz Score reduced by the lowest score of the opponents).
2. The Buchholz System (the sum of the score of each of the opponents of a player).
3. The greater number of victories. 4. FIDE – progress tie-break.
The money- prizes for 1- 3 positions will be divided according to the Hort system among the players with the same final score.

Full regulations on the official website

Vilnius architecture (photo by bestourism.com)

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