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Interview with Boris Savchenko

Boris Savchenko is a constant participant and several-times winner of the previous editions of the Moscow Open. The grandmaster from Moscow told the correspondents of the tournament website of his recent success in the World Rapid Championship and the way this tournament started for him.

– Hello, Boris! Several years ago you were ranked as the winner of the main tournament of the RSSU Moscow Open Cup. How do you evaluate your chances this year?

– Yes, in 2013 I was playing quite successfully, but it’s all owing to good fortune: I managed to score 3,5 points in four lost games! Probably, it was the only such case for all of the years of my participation in the Moscow Open. This year everything started quite well – my first game was not complicated. My opponent did a couple of careless moves and lost a pawn without obtaining compensation. As for the second game, my opponent obtained an attack due to pawn sacrifice in the second move, I managed to beat off and keep a pawn. We will see how the things will go on.

GM Boris Savchenko

GM Boris Savchenko receives the trophy at Moscow Open 2013

– The tournament is Gibraltar is held exactly the same dates as our festival. Many strong grandmasters from Moscow play there. Why did you decide to play in the Moscow Open?

– Recently I was playing in the Men’s Cup of Russia tournament in Taganrog, besides the dates of both tournaments coincide. And the Moscow Open is quite a strong and interesting tournament, and my wife recommended playing in Moscow.

– Not long ago you showed a great result in the World Rapid Championship. Tell us a little bit about it.

– It was sunny in Saudi Arabia, and I’m a heat-loving person. Maybe, it was a reason (laughing). Good mood for a game and a little bit of fortune – here is a receipt of success. I shared 5-12 places with Carlsen and Grishchuk in rapid chess. I was happy with the result. But I was counting for a better result in blitz.

Grandmaster Boris Savchenko

– What time control is the most convenient for you?

– Of course if to take into account the ranking, blitz is on the first place. If I may say so, I play blitz with an easy hand. However, at the board you have to solve quickly many tactical problems to take right decisions.

– Have you ever tried to work as a coach? Don’t you think of the change of form of activity?

– I’m coaching very seldom from time to time. Practice sessions and participation in tournaments occupy most of my time. But I think that it’s not such a bad idea to be a coach. However, it should be a mission, not for money.

– What are your plans for the nearest future?

– Most probably I will play in the Aeroflot Open, and then in the European Championship in Georgia.

– Thank you for the chat! We wish you best of luck!

– Thank you.

Interview by Eldar Mukhametov and Alina Bivol

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