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Interview with IM Juan Carlos Guerrero

Juan Carlos GuerreroRepresentatives of more than thirty countries play in the RSSU Moscow Open Cup. Today we were lucky to talk to international master Juan Carlos Guerrero, who arrived from distant Columbia.

– Juan Carlos, we are happy to see you in our press-center! Do you play in the tournament for the first time? What are your successes?

– I’ve been 4 times in Moscow, but it was long ago. I’m playing for the second time in your tournament after ten years! Now I’ve got 4 scored points, and I think it’s an average result.

– Does Moscow attract you?

– I love to play chess in your country! I love your weather, we don’t have any snow in Columbia (laughing). Now I’m studying Russian language to be able to read your chess books. I can understand some words (laughing). In two weeks I will come in Russia again – will play in the Aeroflot Open.

– Tell us a little bit about your life: what are you doing, what are your goals?

– Now I’m finishing the University of Columbia, faculty of physics and engineering. I plan to become an international grandmaster. If I succeed I will become the eighth grandmaster in the history of my country. In March Columbia will organize a tournament, providing qualification to the National team of the country. I need to play well there to be selected to the National team. I would be happy to play in the Olympiad in Georgia.

– Have you ever thought of becoming a coach?

– Sometimes I give chess lessons in my university but it’s more as a possibility to get some extra money. In my opinion I need to achieve a higher chess title to become a good coach.

– Do you want to devote your life to chess?

– I am not sure yet. Probably, when I gain my chess goal, I will come back to my activity in the engineering sphere.

Interview by Eldar Mukhametov and Alina Bivol

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