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Ivan Sokolov – winning the Olympiad gold medal and “Winning chess middlegames”

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Ivan Sokolov is formerly one of the top-ranked chess players in the world. His peak FIDE rating of 2706 in 2004 made him world #12…for the third time in twelve years! He held the same position in 1992 when he first crossed the 2600 barrier, and in 1996, the first time he surpassed 2650! His stunning performances and consistency made him a “super-GM” before the term even came into fashion! But his career stretches beyond the top GM role. He just recently led the Uzbek kids team to Olympiad glory.

Chess is a tough game. After only seven moves, there are 9,132,484 directions the game can veer into — and you’re barely in the middlegame! It’s impossible even for the most hard-working club player to keep up… Unless you have a pro like Grandmaster Ivan Sokolov (peak 2706 FIDE) to figure it out for you. Winning Chess Middlegames shows you how to ace this phase of the game by “reading” the pawns. First released as a print book, it won CHESS Magazine’s Best Books of 2009 award… plus hundreds of stellar reviews from players all over the globe. Inside, Sokolov explores the four fundamental pawn structures and their different forms — doubled pawns (12 structures), isolated pawns (10 structures), hanging pawns (4 structures), and pawn majorities (7 structures). These universal pawn structures arise from just about any opening — 1.e4, 1.d4, 1.c4… you name it! And by teaching you how to squeeze the maximum advantage from these structures… From the ideal piece placement, the interplay between dynamics and statics, to the standard plans every player must know… You’ll be able to navigate just about any middlegame position, and find your way to victory.

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