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Jon Speelman and Elmira Mirzoeva win UK Blitz Chess Championships 2022

The UK Open and Women’s Blitz Chess Championships 2022 were held on 3rd December in Royal Leamington Spa. The Open tournament was a 16-player round-robin event and the women’s championship was played in the same system, with 15 participants.

GM Jon Speelman and GM Eldar Gasanov tied for the top of the Open tournament scoring 12.5 points, each. The tie-break criteria favored Speelman who claimed two titles – UK Open Blitz Champion 2022 & English Blitz Champion 2022. Gasanov came second, and GM Mark Hebden won bronze with 11 points. Scroll down for final rankings

WGM Elmira Mirzoeva won the Women’s event with 12 points. However, 7-year-old Bodhana Sivanandan stole the show of the whole competition as she scored 11 points to claim silver medal and become joint UK Joint English Women’s Blitz Champion 2022 with Kamila Hryshchenko who had the same number of points but lower tiebreaks. With the impressive performance, Bodhana earned 328.4 blitz rating points! Scroll down for final rankings

Final rankings – UK Open Blitz Chess Championship 2022

Rk. NameFEDRtgPts. TB1TB2TB3TB4
1GMSpeelman Jon S ENG253212.50.587.35.52494
2GMGasanov Eldar UKR244712.50.584.34.52500
3GMHebden Mark L ENG243611064.532403
4 Gordon Frederick SCO206710.5073.34.52401
5IMWillow Jonah B ENG23009.5162.342332
6GMGormally Daniel W ENG25539.5052.81.52315
7FMHan Yichen NED23238.5054.322285
8IMCamacho Collados Jose WLS2280805132259
9 Boswell Jacob Connor ENG20177035.512235
10 Onslow Alfie ENG20156.5036.822206
11 Beardsworth Allan W ENG21605.5029.51.52151
12CMPein Jonathan ENG222550.524.31.52117
13FMStorey Charles H ENG225150.524.30.52115
14 Stubbs Oliver ENG2031402112080
15 Nicholas Koichi B ENG21163.5026.822038
16 Tahmankar Mandar IND20971.50100.51884


Final rankings – UK Women’s Blitz Chess Championship 2022

Rk. NameFEDRtgPts. TB1TB2TB3
1WGMMirzoeva Elmira FID212012079.57
2 Sivanandan Bodhana ENG155611170.36
3 Hryshchenko Kamila ENG203911062.55
4 Duessler Stefanie GER20148.50.5524
5WFMGrigoryan Meri ENG19188.50.546.83.5
6 Orlovska Madara LAT20458141.32
7WFMHenderson De La Fuente Andrea AND18898045.53.5
8WFMHead Louise ENG19157.5037.32
9 Dicen Elis Denele ENG16187038.33
10 Pyun Lindsay ENG15155.5128.32.5
11 Subramanian Anusha ENG17405.50292
12 Karas Eugenia ENG18985024.81.5
13WIMRegan Natasha K ENG187340201
14 Somton Anita ENG17613.5017.31.5
15 Fuchs Louison FRA14940000

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