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Jonny is the winner of TCEC Div 2

TCEC Season 11 logo by Santiago Mendez

TCEC Season 11 logo by Santiago Mendez

Jonny, the chess program by Johannes Zwanzger, is the winner of the second division of TCEC Season 11. Jonny dominated the entire stage, leading at halftime and increasing further the difference until the end. Jonny did not lose a single game and finished with 12 wins and 16 draws, or a total of 20,0/28.

With this victory Jonny qualifies for First Division where Andscacs, Booot, Gull, Fizbo, Hannibal, and Ginkgo await it.

The other engine that promotes from Second Division to First Division is Laser – by Jeffrey and Michael An. Laser had a dramatic second part, where it competed with Texel for the qualification position until the very end. A total of 19 draws, 8 wins and only one loss, gave Laser 17,5/28 and the clear second position.

Texel, Arasan, Fritz, and Vajolet defended their position in the division, while Bobcat and Wasp will have to fight their way back from Third Division of TCEC.

First Division with expected level of play of ~3300 ELO starts Monday, January 22nd. Follow the games live at the official website.

TCEC official website / Season 11 division system / Full list of participants / TCEC facebook page / TCEC Twitch TV channel

TCEC Division 2 standings

1. Jonny 20,0/28
2. Laser 17,5
3. Texel 16,5
4. Arasan 14,0
5. Fritz 14,0
6. Vajolet 13,0
7. Bobcat 10,0
8. Wasp 7,0

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