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Jorge Vega, Continental President for Americas, about upcoming elections

During the FIDE World Chess Championship match in Chennai, the Continental President for Americas Mr Jorge Vega spoke about the forthcoming FIDE elections in Tromso 2014.

The first topic were developments in the American continent in the past three years.

Jorge Vega: It is necessary to draw the line and make a balance. With the help of FIDE we have held many arbiters, technical, trainers and organizers seminars. Our tournaments have improved not only in quality but also in terms of participation. We are financially healthy association.

Overall, the situation for chess in America is much better than four years ago. And it will be much better in the next four years.

Jorge Vega

Jorge Vega

Q: Mr Garry Kasparov announced his candidacy for the next year elections. Mr Kirsan Ilyumzhinov also said at the Presidential Board here in Chennai that he will run again for FIDE President. What is your forecast for next year’s elections?

Jorge Vega: Okay, first of all it is necessary to make an analysis of both candidates. Mr Kasparov of course is the best chess player in the world chess history. He should be among the three best players. It is very difficult because times are different. It is difficult to compare one with the other.

But we have to make clear distinction between a player and a politician. I respect him very much as a world champion. However, as a politician, I can see that he has several disadvantages. The first one is his own character. He has a very strong character.

In a way, sometimes, he behaves like he is the only one holding the truth. So it is difficult to imagine a discussion in the FIDE Presidential Board with him as a chair. He would always try to impose his own ideas.

At the present, sometimes the Presidential Board disagrees with the FIDE President and then we have an open and friendly discussion. We can decide against Mr Ilyumzhinov’s proposals and these decisions are valid. I just can’t see this happening against the will of Kasparov as FIDE President.

So the biggest disadvantage is Mr Kasparov himself.

Jorge Vega

Second, it is now necessary to be pragmatic. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov has fulfilled all the promises he has made. In America, we are very very pleased with him. In 2010, he promised to hold four big tournaments till 2013 with funds from his own pocket.

He really has fulfilled this and we are very grateful. People will have to evaluate the real situation. In the real situation, facts are against promises. Of course in a campaign the promises are always higher. It is also to be considered.

You can come and offer money, promise everything, ask for support, but it is clear that America is not for sale. So, I am confident, in America, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov will win easily and with overwhelming majority.

Going forward and making analysis I think Mr Kasparov will do better than Karpov in 2010. He will lose Africa but will do better there. He will lose by five or ten votes. Karpov was also defeated there.

Also in Asia he will lose but with lower margin. The difference will be seven to ten or 12 votes in favour of Mr Ilyumzhinov.

In Europe he will have a problem. Of course, Karpov was better candidate for Europe than Kasparov himself. He will win European votes but not with the advantage that Karpov had in 2010.

In America, he will be sharply defeated. This is enough to lose an election. Perhaps, he will get 65 votes. The best should be 70. I believe the figure will be within this range.

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