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Jovanka Houska and Michael Adams defend titles at the British Chess Championship

Michael Adams square 2

The 98th Championships of the British Isles were organised by the English Chess Federation from 24th July to 6th August at the International Sports Centre, Sheaf Street, Sheffield.

As many as 24 various events, including Senior, Junior and Sections Championships, Major, Weekend and Rapid Opens, were held in that time frame.

The main tournament was the British Championship 2011, played over the 11 rounds of Swiss system, with approx 7-hour sessions using FIDE cumulative incremental time. 89 players, including 12 Grandmasters, competed.

England’s top players, GM Adams Michael, GM Short Nigel, GM Howell David and Commonwealth champion GM Jones Gawain, also took participation. Prizes: – £8,000; £4000; £2,500; £1,500; £1,000; £750; £500; £250.

Michael Adams claims the second national title in succession, but only after the additional match. In the main event Adams finished on the same points as Nigel Short and then won the two-game rapid play-off which took place immediately after the prizegiving. Adams also wins the English Championship and holds the Tony Miles Trophy for one year.

Congratulations to IM Jovanka Houska, British Womens Champion 2011, for her 4th title in a row, scoring 7/11 (+5,=4,-2). Jovanka also becomes English Womens Champion 2011.


Final standings:
1-2. GM Adams Michael ENG 2715 and GM Short Nigel D ENG 2687 – 8.5
3-4. GM Jones Gawain C B ENG 2606 and IM Hawkins Jonathan ENG 2457 – 8.0
5-7. GM Howell David W L ENG 2625, GM Pert Nicholas ENG 2555 and GM Gormally Daniel W ENG 2519 – 7.5
8-16. GM Gordon Stephen J ENG 2533, GM Hebden Mark L ENG 2533, GM Conquest Stuart C ENG 2519, GM Wells Peter K ENG 2489, IM Palliser Richard J D ENG 2454, IM Zhou Yang-Fan ENG 2444, IM Houska Jovanka ENG 2418, IM Buckley Graeme N ENG 2380 and IM Bates Richard A ENG 2373 – 7.0
17-23. GM Williams Simon K ENG 2528, GM Summerscale Aaron P ENG 2415, IM Rendle Thomas E ENG 2386, FM Eggleston David J ENG 2318, FM Griffiths Ryan Rhys IRL 2301, Adair James R ENG 2212 and Lalic Peter D ENG 1978 – 6.5 etc

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