Judit Polgar releases free endgame courses

The top female chess player GM Judit Polgar has released two free endgame courses for Chessable. The first one, titled How To “Cash In” On Your Passed Pawn, Polgar examines the passed pawns in endgames in cooperation with GM Mihail Marin. There you will find why passed pawns are a knight’s worst nightmare, Line-closing sacrifices which protect your VIP (very important pawn), How to lift the blockade and guarantee a new queen, and more.

The second free course, also in cooperation with GM Marin, is titled Winning Pawn games explained. Inside, Polgar and Marin examines the endgames played by Alireza Firouzja (French #1), Alexandra Kosteniuk (former Women’s World Chess Champion), and other top players, to show you the essence of pawn breaks, how to distract the enemy king from defense, preparatory moves which weaken the enemy pawns, etc.

Get the free courses by GM Polgar: Course 1: How To “Cash In” On Your Passed Pawn / Course 2: Winning pawn endgames explained

Judit’s Best Endgames – Masterclass

Judit’s Best Endgames is a two-hour masterclass by living legend Grandmaster Judit Polgar (peak 2735 FIDE), which shows you how to excel in endgames through energetic piece and pawn play. The course includes a ticket to GM Judit Polgar’s Chessable-exclusive masterclass, the opportunity to ask your most pressing endgame questions to Judit directly, and  MoveTrainer exercises and a video recording of the masterclass. Join the masterclass here

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