Kaido Kulaots and Mai Narva are Estonian champions for 2014

Estonian champions 2014

Estonian champions 2014

The 2014 Estonian Chess Championships for men and women took part from 28th April to 4th May in Tallinn, the capital and largest city of Estonia.

GM Kaido Kulaots wins the Estonian National championship with 7.5/9 points, leaving the runner-up half a point behind.

FM Ottomar Ladva takes the silver with 7/9 points, while third place is shared in a 3-way tie by IM Tarvo Seeman, Roman Jezov and FM Ilja Vovk with 5.5/9 points each.

In the women section 15-year-old WCM Mai Narva surprises with a gold medal. She is first with 5/6 points, half a point ahead of the experienced WIM Monika Tsiganova, who finishes second with 4.5/6 points.

WFM Regina Narva and WCM Triin Narva share third place with 3/6 points each, but Regina Narva takes the bronze, thanks to her superb tie-break score.

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Final standings for men:

1 GM Kulaots Kaido 2569 EST 7,5
2 FM Ladva Ottomar 2353 EST 7
3 IM Seeman Tarvo 2394 EST 5,5
4 Jezov Roman 2218 EST 5,5
5 FM Vovk Ilja 2319 EST 5,5
6 FM Krupenski Juri 2280 EST 5
7 Valner Uku 2227 EST 3,5
8 Dubrovin Robert 2255 EST 2,5
9 Siros Ilja 2086 EST 2
10 Nahkur Madis 0 EST 1

Final standings for women:

1 WCM Narva Mai 2002 EST 5
2 WIM Tsiganova Monika 2081 EST 4,5
3 WFM Narva Regina 2047 EST 3
4 WCM Narva Triin 2080 EST 3
5 WIM Piarnpuu Leili 2076 EST 2,5
6 Viikmaa Karmen 1688 EST 2,5
7 WFM Brokko Margit 2045 EST 0,5

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