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Koivisto downs with black the rating favorite

Koivisto,  the open source chess engine by Kim Kåhre and Finn Eggers, is dominating the Qualification League of the Top Chess Engine Championship. After 19 rounds (out of total 26) it has collected 16,5/19. This is 2,5 points lead ahead of the second, the star debutant ClassicAra.

In a key round 18 game Koivisto defeated with black the rating favorite Booot [ELO 3404]. In a QGD Slav, Booot decided to play a pawn down in exchange for keeping the bishop pair. Generally that would be a good strategy, but minor nuances in the position and precise play allowed the knights of Koivisto to dominate the center. Booot did not realize this for many moves and in the late middlegame the eval was heavily in black’s favor. Koivisto managed to win the full point, but not without a decisive blunder 82… b5 by Booot. (Did white actually have chances for a draw? Replay the game here)

Follow the games live on TCEC official website / Visit the Koivisto Github

Standings after round 19

  1. Koivisto 16,5/19
  2. ClassicAra 14,0/19
  3. Booot 13,5/19

4-5. Cheng, Stash 12,0/19

6. Nirvana 11,0/19

7-9. Invictus, Drofa, Berserk 9,5/19

10. Amoeba 9,0/19

11. Bagatur 5,5/19

12. Cheese 4,5/19

13. TomitankChess 3,5/19

14. Francesca 3,0/19

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