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Komodo leads stage 4 of the strongest computer chess championship

chessdom-komodo-240x240The Komodo Chess Engine leads Stage 4 of the strongest computer chess championship TCEC. Komodo has collected 3,5/5, half a point ahead of Houdini and Stockfish. With two victories, three draws, and zero losses, Komodo continues its fantastic performance confirming his victory from Stage 2 of TCEC, and the dominance on the board at Stage 3.

This is just round 5 of 18, so anything can happen to the end. Stage 1 winner Boquet is sharing 4th-5th position with the updated Naum. They have 2,0/5, half a point more than the 6th placed Gull.

Stockfish and Bouquet played the amaizng 227 moves thriller, you can replay the game by selecting it from the dropdown menu here.

Stage 4 consists of the 6 engines that qualified from Stage 3 – Komodo, Bouquet, Houdini, Stockfish, Gull, and Naum 4.6. The competition is a hexa round robin and the top 2 engines will qualify to play the Superfinal.

Replay annotated Komodo – Stockfish by GM Jacob Aagard here / Replay all games of Stage 3 here / Replay the games of Stage 1 / Replay the games of TCEC Stage 2See the current live gameFull list of participants / Information / Play online at Chessdom Arena


Engine ELO Points
1 Komodo 3106 3.5
2 Houdini 3097 3
3 Stockfish 3090 3
4 Bouquet 3058 2
5 Naum 2987 2
6 Gull R 3055 1.5

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