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Komodo wins TCEC Stage 1a, Raptor joins the elite (update)

The Grand Champion of Season 8 – Komodo by GM Larry Kaufman and Mark Lefler – is the winner of the first preliminary stage of the Top Chess Engines Championship. Komodo collected 14,0/15, a magnificent score including a direct victory with black in the last round vs the main contender Houdini.

Houdini finished second with 12,5/15. However, this is the least we can expect from this three times winner of TCEC. The engine by Robert Houdart played the Stage 1a with version 4. The author has confirmed that in next stages Houdini 5 will appear on the scene with a “substantial ELO increase”.

The third position is for the still mighty Rybka with 11,5/15 ahead of Protector with 10,5/15. The bronze medalist of Season 8 Gull did not have a good stage and finished fifth with 10,0/15, showing that competition in Season 9 is stronger than ever and an exciting Stage 2 is ahead.

Ginkgo and Hannibal proved why they are rated above 3000 ELO securing the 6th and 7th position with 9,0/15 each.

The last qualification spot for TCEC Season 9 Stage 2 was for Raptor. Rated “only” 2844 ELO, Raptor by Steve Webber played beautiful chess and joined the elite of the Top Chess Engine Championship.

Below the qualification line remained Bobcat, Fizbo, Texel, Hakkapeliitta, DisasterArea, Laser, Myrddin, and Fridolin. The TCEC organization thanked these engines for the participation and the fun they brought into the stage, and expressed the desire to see them again in future editions of the championship.

TCEC official website / Replay all games and download pgn of Stage 1a / Information about Season 9 and ELO of the participants / Official support pack with presents

Stage 1b starting this week

Komodo, Houdini, Rybka, Protector, Gull, Ginkgo, Hannibal, and Raptor will be joined in Stage two by 8 engines that will qualify from the 1b preliminary group. Update: TCEC Stage 1b testing is complete, the stage will start Thursday at 12:00 CEST live at the TCEC offcial website

Stage 1a final standings

1. Komodo 14,0/15
2. Houdini 12,5/15
3. Rybka 11,5/15
4. Protector 10,5/15
5. Gull 10,0/15
6. Ginkgo 9,0/15
7. Hannibal 9,0/15
8. Raptor 7,5/15


9. Bobcat 7,0/15
10. Fizbo 6,5/15
11. Texel 6,5/15
12. Hakkapeliitta 5,5/15
13. DisasterArea 5,0/15
14. Laser 4,0/15
15. Myrddin 1,5/15
16. Fridolin 0.0/15

Stage 1b Participants

1. Stockfish
2. Fire
3. Critter
4. Nirvana
5. Andscacs
6. Naum
7. Chiron
8. Vajolet2
9. Arasan
10. Gaviota
11. The Baron
12. Jonny
13. Fruit
14. Jellyfish
15. Delphil
16. Firefly

Support TCEC Season 9

TCEC develops and progresses thanks to the community. If you want to support TCEC, here is the official Season 9 support package with awesome presents

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