Krykun’s 1. e4 – complete repertoire for White

Understand and conquer the Sicilian, French, and Caro-Kann with Part 2 of Lifetime Repertoires: 1.e4 by International Master Yuriy Krykun.

After dismantling 1.e4 e5 and those tricky sidelines in Krykun’s 1. e4 Part 1, he’s back to show you how to outplay the big guns in Part 2, giving you a complete repertoire for White that will last you a lifetime.

And true to his word, he’s kept the variation count short and explanations detailed (refer to the 195K+ word count!). The point? To improve your overall chess by helping you understand the game – not just memorizing strings of opening moves.

It’s the same thorough approach that brought IM Krykun rave reviews in Part 1 and his other courses, and that he’s taken to the next level in this Lifetime Repertoire.

Much like Part 1, you’ll be restricting your opponent at every turn through space grabs, structural advantages, and smart piece trades. Here’s a peek how:

Paralyze the Sicilian with the Maroczy Bind and Rossolimo.You’ll lock down 2…d6 and 2…e6 with the famous Maroczy Bind (e4-c4 pawn structure) – notorious for ending the wild, tactical dreams of the Sicilian player. Against 2…Nc6, you’ll play the ever-reliable Rossolimo (3.Bb5) to wreck your opponent’s structure and create your own targets for attack

Cramp the Caro-Kann with the Advance Variation (3.e5). Enjoy watching your opponent’s pieces trip over each other for meaningful squares – while your pieces have room to rule the board. IM Krykun’s interesting 4.c4 against 3…Bf5 brings an interesting positional twist to this tried-and-true way of battling the Caro

Fight the French with the most challenging move: 3.Nc3. You may have to learn a little more than a boring Exchange Variation – but this is a Lifetime Repertoire after all! Learn to pose the maximum challenge to the Winawer, Classical, and Rubinstein Variations with rare lines and smart new plans

Perhaps the best part of this repertoire is that it has something for everybody. Improving players will appreciate the dedicated structure and ideas chapters explaining the guiding strategic points for each opening. Plus, you’ll get 30 superbly annotated model games to show you the plans executed in real-life games from start to finish.

And for the advanced players, the cutting-edge novelties IM Krykun has picked out in each opening are going to bring you many interesting ideas and opening surprises to use on your opponents. They reaffirm why IM Krykun’s courses are some of the most inventive on Chessable.

So if you’re ready to win after 1.e4, don’t just memorize moves – understand and conquer with ideas. Get Part 2 of Lifetime Repertoires: Krykun’s 1.e4 today.

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